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Seat Belt Asphyxiation

Does anyone else suffer from the non adjustable seat belt cutting directly across their neck? Any solutions?

I have been meaning to order something like this:

I've had that. Piece of crap!!!!

Unfortunately nobody loves to make things for us short people! :-)

I don't have this problem but how about a seat belt extender? It changes the position of the latch which would change the angle of the shoulder strap as it crosses you. Perhaps it would keep the belt away from your neck.

@riceguy I am a 5'8" woman! Short has nothing to do with it.
@Big T I will look at this. Thank you.

@ Big T Just bought it THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Let us know how it works out!

Someone mentioned that if one pulls out the belt too far, it goes into a locking mode that presumes a child seat is being anchored. Cannot confirm or deny.

This sounds like a serious safety issue, Judy. Never mind that it's uncomfortable.
The seatbelt should always run over your shoulder; never against your neck.

I would contact Tesla about this (with some photo evidence) if I were you.

Installing 3rd party devices on your seatbelt is not safe either, btw.

There's always Hello, Kitty, just don't fall asleep with it on!

Seriously though, I'm trying to picture why the seatbelt is hitting your neck when you're the same height as I am (hopefully not shrinking like I am though). Do you have a really long neck? Or lean to the left whilst driving?

I am 6'4" and the belt rubs my neck as well. Never experienced this with any previous vehicle. Still love it overall, of course!

I am 5'10" and don't have the problem at all. They're fine for me. None of my passengers have complained either. Perhaps it is indeed an adjustment or mechanical issue, as suggested. I would just swing by a are vice center, or they they are too far, take pictures and contact Tesla for advice. I agree that it should not be right up against your neck. I would be looking for a fix too.

@judimasters - I agree that this is an issue - I wish the pivot point on the frame could move up or down like it did on my Genesis. I'm 5' 9", which is pretty much average height. I've tired adjusting my seat height with little change.

I'll be interested to see if the seatbelt extender that @Big T posted the link for is the solution. How will that extra piece look hanging off the belt?

Love my S, just want to not have to wear turtlenecks all the time.......

Perhaps seat height could be at play? Try raising the seat height to get your shoulder up towards the outlet in the pillar.

Does anyone else feel that the seat belt tension is too tight, or is it just me (and my family)??

If you have the 12-way seats and are vertically challenged raise the seat straight up, not only does it fix the seat belt angle it will make the sun visors make since as well.

If I raise the seat my head hits the ceiling. I do find the seat belt annoying


My wife finds the seat-belt uncomfortable too and I noticed that despite @judimasters' report that "it's a piece of crap", it did get pretty good reviews on Amazon, so I thought, "for 5 bucks, how far wrong can I go?" and ordered one. Will report back

One other thing: my wife has mentioned that after hard deceleration, and the seat-belt locks up, occasionally it doesn't unlock once the car is no longer decelerating and she has to unlock and relock the seat-belt to release it. Anyone else experience this?

I use that "piece of crap" every time I drive my wife's odyssey (well, I haven't driven that in months). The Honda's seat belt is a real choker to me, that $5 clip is great for that.

I have the same problem with the seat-belt lockup also, it's a real pain sometimes but I've never had to undue the clip, just re-adjust.

It is possible your driving position is too close to the steering wheel. While driving, your arms should never be bent at less than a 90-degree angle, and should actually be closer to a 130-degree angle (basically the same as if you were sitting at a keyboard). This affords the most control over the car in an emergency situation.

If you find you are too close to the wheel, moving the seat back to the proper position will not only make you safer, but will make the seatbelt more comfortable.

I will never understand some people and their total disregard for their (and their loved ones) own safety. Please people, don't buy that Amazon crap. When you're in an accident the seatbelt will still cut through your neck. Don't even think that such a little piece of plastic does anything else but improve your comfort level.
I'm flabbergasted with what I read in this thread.

I'm short and I have no problem at all. I usually do have a problem in cars.

Maybe I have no problem because I need the seat high and farther forward.


I must be missing something. Are you saying that the use of "that Amazon crap" makes one less safe than using the seat-belt without it? If so, why?


If your head hits the ceiling you are not short.

I thought it was the seat belt. Turned out to be my wife's fingers.

Used this clip for years.
Well after the 87 GN where you could adjust the tension.

Where I get complaints is the back seats.


The seat belts or the complaints?

I always get a seatbelt shoulder strap cover for my cars. At pep boys they have them in sheepskinesque material and memory foam, runs between $7-10.

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