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I feel like a stalker. I saw a white Model S driving on 112th near SE 8th in Bellevue about an hour ago. It was so beautiful. *sniff* It still had the temporary tag in the rear winshield.

I feel stupid because I actually did a double take. I didn't really get much of a change to look at it because I was driving in the opposite direction. Man, I love the LED lights. At some point, sightings aren't going to be a big deal, but I'm thinking that this is the first time I've seen a Model S in the hands of an owner (though I guess I don't know for a fact that it really was a customer owned car).

I saw BYEOPEC south of Pioneer Square near the ramp for I-5/I-90 at 6-ish after work. Such a beautiful red.

At 1:20 PM a white pano Model S entered northbound I-405 from Talbot Rd and switched lanes in front of me...I moved to the right to take the Maple Valley Hwy exit. No plates, so must be a very new one. Looked mighty nice!

Last week saw a grey Model S in Maple Valley at Bike Masters and Boards.

Saw Jack Anderson's brown Model S charging at SeaTac City Hall on Saturday for a couple of hours. Had a nice visit with him.

Today spotted a blue Model S headed for Fatburger in Federal Way. Just talked briefly with Lee the owner of the Model S.

Pulling out of the Seattle Service Center, saw a truck pulling up with four red Model S's ready for delivery. Quite the popular color these days. Tons of construction, so I couldn't get a pic, but it's a great shade of red.

Kitsap County sightings;

Black - Poulsbo
Green - Bainbridge Island
Grey - Silverdale
Red - Silverdale (me!)

There is a green on Bainbridge that is one of the earliest deliveries. It is a custom green. Is the one that you saw the same as the recent green deliveries?

I've seen at least one Sig Red on Bainbridge in Winslow and a Black in town too.

I will be picking up mine (Silver) from Metropolitan Detail you can count me as another one in the Seattle metro area!

my KCK-GAS sig-red ran into another sig-red BYEOPEC at the UW yesterday for a college tour for our kids. Small world...


......There is a green on Bainbridge that is one of the earliest deliveries. It is a custom green. Is the one that you saw the same as the recent green deliveries?

Most likely, but it is the only green I've seen.

Taking delivery last Wednesday, Telsa Ben said there are seven hundred some Model S deliveries in the Seattle area so far. That's a lot, so by the time I finally took delivery of my 2013 Red, I don't feel quite so special any more. Until I get back in the car and drive...

Congrats Peter and welcome to the club. Don't worry though, I see on average a couple a week and I still get looks all the time. I actually walked out of Home Depot a month or so back to a guy taking pictures of my sig-red. I stood next to him for a while and asked if he liked the car and he said he was pretty excited to see one. We talked for a couple of minutes or so without telling him it was mine. I proceeded to get in the car and drive away and saw him just staring at the car as I pulled away. You'll get lots of experiences like that.


Passed a white on I-5 north heading home today. I (red) noticed the car follow me until i was in my neighborhood (Richmond Beach) and stopped for groceries. I'm curious who this "neighbor" is :)

Last night (5/12) at about 8:10 p.m. I saw a dark colored Model S on West Lake Samammish Parkway near Northup.

Was it any of you?

There were a bunch at Bellevue Square on Saturday (buying Mom a gift?).

I noticed that the white Model S with a license plate like PLUGDIN (or something close to that). This person also parks in my same garage at work.

I also waved to a white Model S earlier in the day near the Bellevue library. I see the PLUGDIN Model S around Bellevue here and there, so maybe it was the same one.

That's at least three other Model Ses I've seen at work. I also say a green one that looked just like mine and a gray one too. The had the parking tags that indicate they work for the same company, though I suppose they could have just been visiting.

Oh and @eAdopter, that could have been me. I was letting a friend drive my car, and we were around that area. If it looked weird, it wasn't me! My friend was getting used to the regen brakes.

Nice to "see" you again. My wife and I had just come down Northup and turned south on LSP when I saw your S. It was getting dark so I couldn't tell if the car was black, blue, or green.

We were having a conversation when I abruptly stopped talking and looked in the rear view mirror. My wife said "what's wrong" and I replied "that was my car". She wanted me to double back and catch you so she could see it.

This is the first car that she's ever been excited about. Last night she said "we've been married 20 years and this is the first nice thing you've ever purchased for yourself - it makes me so happy". Wow, what a wife.

As I watched your car in the mirror last night, I got a kick at how your friend swung the car to the left and up the hill like the car was on rails. That turn is a doozie with the hill, curve, storm drains, and uneven pavement. Your S chewed it up and spit it out.

My S is scheduled for delivery the first week of June - can't come soon enough.

Hope to see you around. Take care.

I spotted a Model S between Oak Harbor and Deception Pass on Whidbey Island on Mother's Day.

That wasn't quite as surprising as passing by another Model S on HWY 101 along Hood Canal north of Shelton a month or so ago.

Saw a white S with pano roof going up the steep hill above Chateau St. Michelle winery around 8 pm last night. Also saw ELECTIK (or similar) in the parking lot at work (Evergreen Plaza Building near Evergreen Hospital) today.

I'm having some work done at Metropolitan Detail in Bellevue. I stopped by this afternoon just to check on my MS. Their garage was full of MS and I saw a beautiful multi-coat red 85Kwh performance plus. Wow!

That was my red performance getting an Xpel wrap at Metropolitan Detail. Driving that car makes me very happy.

I was at the Menlo Park Tesla Store on the 15th and they had a red performance plus there for test drives. I guess it helps to be near the factory.

@PattiT, unless the situation has change over the past couple months, Metropolitan Detail also does the detail and starshield installation for new Model S deliveries in the Seattle area, so that's why common to see Model Ses there.

I saw a white with black interior 60 kWh Model S parked on my street a block away from where I live (near Volunteer Park in Seattle). Is it anybody who hangs out here?

Sunday night driving south on I-405 from just north of the 520 interchange down to I-90 heading west, spotted a Model S (dark...probably a black one) about 9:05 PM driving very responsibly...only "got on it" in the old Wilburton tunnel area of I-405 before exiting to west bound I-90. First noticed the Model S "eyebrows" in my rearview mirror, then drove along side but trying not to "interfere" with the MS driver. Enjoyed just getting another look at someone enjoying a beautiful ride!

A shiny dark one parked on E Mercer just E of 23rd Avenue E. Minutes later a white one was following us N on Rifth Avenue NE but turned off at Northgate.

Fifth Avenue NE......

Including my own multi-coat red that I just picked up on Thursday, I have seen about 8 in Sammamish since I got mine; 4 on Sunday alone. I have seen 2 other multi-coat reds (might have been the same one twice), black, silver, white and Joe in his Sig red (KCK GAS). I did not see a green, blue, brown, or grey. They are multiplying like bunnies around here!

Dan, it was great seeing you as well. We'll have to get a multi-coat vs. sig red side by side photo next time. I'd like to see the numbers, but I'd bet that Sammamish has one of the higher concentrations of Model-S's for a smaller city. I personally know of about 6 or so from people I know. Not counting the others I see on a daily basis.


Silver Model S southbound I-5 along Boeing Field on Wednesday, May 29th about 9:39 AM.

About 12:30 PM at America's Car Museum (Tacoma)...a white 40kWh Model S unloaded off a Passport Transport truck to get a NASCAR style car off the trunk for the museum, and then loaded back on the truck on its way to a "happy new owner" in the Richland area of Washington.

About 1:19 PM a white Model S northbound on A Street @ 13th St, downtown Tacoma.

Saturday, June 1 about 9:15PM. I was driving northbound on Evergreen Way in Everett and saw a silver S with 21" wheels pulling out of parking lot on the right side of the road. I waved, but it was probably too late.

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