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Sliding doors please.

Can we make a vote here. Who will buy this car if it would come only with sliding doors and not with FALCON.

I think there should be an option of sliding doors, but only sliding, no, because the falcon doors are not only practical, but they also look sick!

I wouldn't buy or should I say my Wife doesn't want sliding doors. She doesn't want to be reminded of a minivan. Plus, I think it would make the X look worse and would probably be less aerodynamic and interfere with the design Tesla was going for.

I would not buy with sliding doors.

Sliding doors are for minivans. They would ruin the Model X. The falcon wing doors are a standout feature which is what people want when buying a stand out vehicle. Let's face it we buy cars to say look at me! I am awesome!

I will ONLY buy Model X with Falcon doors. Way cool :-)
I would NEVER buy Model X with sliding doors!! Yuk!

No Falcon doors = No Model X for me.

I've seen several video and read articles from Elon on this subject. Falcon doors are a 'signature' part of the Model X. I don't believe that will change. Tesla will come up with innovative and creative ways to address any "issues" people may have with the racks, sensors, snow collecting, etc,

If you can't deal with the Falcon doors, Model X may not be the right SUV for you.


sliding doors...hmmm...where in Humbolt County do you folks live? can you send me some of what your smoking?

I already went through the Chrysler Town and Country minivan stage, thank you very much. Falcon Wing Doors are a must have for my order. If you don't like them there are plenty of minivans in market with sliding doors.

I think the Falcon Wing doors are cool and would probably work fine in most situations, but maybe regular swinging (not sliding) doors should be an option.

I understand that the OP may just want an electric minivan, but most of us wouldn't buy an ICE minivan, let alone and all electric one.

I think the Falcon Doors are pretty awesome, and give a lot more open space for people to get in/out of than a sliding door anyway.

The falcon doors are prtty fl;ashy and useless in a country that actually has winter. I agree that sliding doors are naf, but they are usful in tight spaces. I'd like suicide doors please!


How are they useless in winter? The back hatch is pretty much the same thing, is that useless in winter as well?

TM sez the f.w. doors open in the same space sliding doors do -- and are then out of the way. They don't swing out.

I expect there will be times a driver can't get in his own standard door, and uses the f.w.s!

wondering how to open FalconDoors with inches of snow on top of the car...


I guess you have never heard of sweeping the snow off the vehicle? Do you even live in a Winter Wonderland?

+1!! Cloroxbb

ALL rules that apply for regular doors apply for Falcon wing doors.

If you open a regular door / sliding door and have not swept the snow away from the roof (at least on the side close to that door) guess where that snow will fall when you open the door?? hmmm.
Even when you sweep all the snow off and then you open a regular door, does a bit of snow fall inside (especially on a windy day) yes ... well same with the falcon doors.

On a rainy day when you open a regular door does a bit of rain get inside ... etc.

Here are the bonuses: Elon mentioned these at the shareholders meeting
There will be water channels along the sides directing water away from the opening for rainy days.
There will be proximity sensors so that the door will never hit anything when its opening (in cases of low clearance garages etc.)
That goes for closing as well. It can't "pinch" any fingers when closing.

Has this ever happened to you?: You arrive at your destination and your boy is so anxious to get out of the car that he's out of his seat belt and excitedly pushes open the door, not realizing that you may have parked a bit too close for a 'full' door opening and dings the car next to you?? Well, that will never again happen with Falcon wing doors.

Another scenario: You come back to your car and find an idiot parked too close next to you and you are squeezing sideways just to get inside your door. Well now you can open your falcon door with less clearance than it takes to open your drivers door and get into the drivers seat with ease :-)

IMHO 'We don't know what we don't know' We don't know how great these falcon doors will be until we know :-) And then we'll wonder how we ever lived without them :-))

My biggest concern about the Falcon wings is how do I transport my 5 pair of alpine skis?
Kids, dog and luggage will require the skis to be placed on the outside of the car.

Message to TESLA:

I love the Model X Falcon wings, it's one of it's unique features.

I would cancel my reservation for Model X if the Falcon wings were changed to sliding doors.

I agree with those above who wrote if people want a car with sliding doors (which is essentially a minivan), they should look at other options since Tesla is not for them.





PXChanel +3

If you want a sliding door, wait for the minivan version in a few years. I want the Falcon wing doors!

PXChanel +4

james babb: I hope Tesla will NEVER make a minivan with sliding doors!
Just the idea of it gives me the idgy bidgies ;-\

I would not buy this with sliding doors. I love the falcon wing door concept but rather have a conventional door over a sliding door.

Another poster wrote:

"My biggest concern about the Falcon wings is how do I transport my 5 pair of alpine skis?
Kids, dog and luggage will require the skis to be placed on the outside of the car."

My comment:
Well if you had some monster truck tires with a lot of ground clearance, you could put the Thule storage box UNDER the vehicle.

Or we could own an SUV with no sports capacity (skis, kayaks, etc...).

But that would just be a Shopping Utility Vehicle. Maybe that's all they need to sell the Model X, but sometimes you want to at least strap a Christmas tree to the top.

I would buy it with sliding doors, or even traditional doors. I don't like falcon doors.
What I'm looking in a car is: a lot of space like in Caravan, a lot of towing capacity like in Tahoe (which I understand will be the biggest challenge for Tesla), and of course, the electrical drive.

Are there not ski racks that attach to a rear hatch? Didn't I see James Bond carrying his skis that way on his brown Lotus Esprit?

Solution: 2 vehicles.

A Model X for passengers, and an XT for cargo:

Or, there's the XTX, with room for 5. A ski rack can be fitted to the top of its tonneau cover:

PXChanel +5

The falcon wings are why I made my reservation! I won't drive a swagger wagon with sliding doors, and I want all 4 of my kids to be able to get in and out of the car comfortably. This will be the first ever usable third row seat in a crossover.

Plus if I'm paying close to $100k for a vehicle, I want it to be unique and not blend it with all the other crossovers out there. The falcon wings are a marketers dream. Every time I open the doors in a parking lot, it will be like a huge billboard for the Tesla brand. People can't help but notice. A lot of people outside of California have still never heard of Tesla. The Model X and the falcon wing doors will change that.

Remember, too, that the f-w doors require no additional horizontal space to open, and leave that space clear for walking etc. when they've lifted. And contact avoidance sensors will stop them from bashing into overheads.

The MX will be a sensation.

I love the falcon wing doors. They remind me of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. My family and I will fly over the Golden Gate Bridge while all those earth-bound vehicles are stuck in traffic. Ha ha ha! And I don't even have a pilot's license...

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