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A small company has found a way to synthesize Petrol form air and water

A small company working in two converted shipping containers says it has found a way to make petrol from fresh air and water. Air Fuel Synthesis Chief Executive Peter Harrison says the process could help curb climate change by providing a cleaner alternative to oil.

Before anyone breathes even a small sigh of relief, the energy it takes to produce this is more than the energy produced.

IMO, they are grossly overpriced, damaging technologies on the large scale; suitable for small isolated applications, being misapplied to large systems. They cannot cover base load, only interfere with the economical operation of power plants that can. As proven by the soaring power prices wherever they are relied upon.

The Invisible Hand: You WILL pay the real prices for goods and services, however much you try to avoid it.

Maybe we should pay the "real" cost. Nothing makes people waste less than facing economic consequence.


"Yes, in the end we should be happy with the fact that the fast majority will be driving an EV."

I like your translation of the vernacular, especially when applied to the individuals who can afford the $90,000 price tag. Indeed these would be considered the "fast"

The $90K car is a way-station. Fools and babies should never see unfinished work. (Scots saying).

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