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The specs say "WiFi Ready". What does this mean?

My phone can't find an AP from the car. Or is this something else?

Hardware is there but not software-enabled yet.

It means the same thing as "Flash memory storage for up to 500 songs." - A long promised feature yet to be delivered!

When something is labeled "ready" it means that it CAN do it but it needs something extra in order to work. Whether it being, needed to be enabled, or needs extra hardware...

In the case of Wi-Fi the antenna are there in the rear view mirror however TM is waiting of the software to enable this, My guess is that they are working on other more pressing issues before they tackle enabling this.

@cloroxbb - Good point. Many flat screen TVs and Blu-ray players come WiFi ready but you have to buy a USB dongle for them to communicate with your wireless router. Maybe we'll have to buy a dongle for ModS :) Geez... I hope not.

Stevenmaifert TM has said publicly the hardware for WiFi is there its the software that needs work so its likely a future software update will enable WiFi, however what they did not say is when they will enable it just that the car has the hardware to do it allready.

Or they can take the Vizio approach. They told me my 55inch LED was USB-ready. Two years later they now tell me USB-ready means I can plug in a flash just can't read it and isn't expected to. Thanks guys!

I recall talking to my Delivery Specialist (DS) two weeks ago and he stated that WiFi and 4G will be released at around the same time most likely for a monthly fee.

Right now, we are getting 3G at no cost. If we continue to ask for wifi and ask when its going to be available, they will likely turn on 4G and Wifi and take away our free 3G forcing us to pay for 4G. And we will then wish we had kept quiet.

"WiFi Ready". What does this mean?

It means the same as when my wife says "almost ready" as I open a new novel waiting to leave.

Haha, Tesla charging a monthly fee to use WiFi... That's funny!

Think Supercharging. The WiFi is "free" but the one time enabling fee will be $2000 :)

This was a major issue for me before I signed my purchase agreement. I wanted to make absolutely certain that if I declined the future connectivity package I would not be charged for a hotspot wifi connection off my phone. I was assured by Ownership, my delivery specialist, and two store managers that there would not be an added fee for enabling wifi or tethering through wifi. This one I documented because I wanted no misunderstandings. If they decide to charge for wifi functionality I can't see MS owners responding favorably at all. In all likelihood the decision would probably find the same fate as service plan #1 which is another reason I don't expect it to happen. This company appears to learn from its mistakes.

Nobody charges for wifi devices. Or for the software that drives it. Some people charge to provide wifi service, some don't. 3G doesn't go away if you get 4G service, especially with att which doesn't have great coverage.

I think there is a bit of miscommunication going on here as well. The car is not expected to act as a wifi hotspot for your other devices (the OP seems to think this), but rather you should be able--soon--to connect the car to a wifi hotspot rather than pay for connectivity. If you read the original post, you should see the confusion.

WiFi and tethering are part of release 5. Touch the Tesla "T" on your screen and see what version you have. If you have 5, touch the 3G icon and log on.

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