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Forgive me if this has been answered before.

From what I can tell, Slacker Radio is currently the only streaming music option built into the Tesla. My question is has anyone tried to run the Spotify app off their iPhone through MS? If so, can you use the steering wheel controls and such to control it? Does the album art and track information appear on the dash and center console? I already have a Spotify premium account and it would be awesome if the answers are yes :).

I believe the answer is yes to both. I was amazed when I got my S how well pandora and spotify show the album art. I'm traveling right now and away from my baby so uncertain on the steering controls but pretty sure they will work. I've only had my S for a week and the media system is amazing!!

Awesome! Thanks for the reply. About to finalize my order! I'm crazy excited :)

Yes, but it also supports TuneIn. Plus whatever else you can run on your smart phone... :-)

@jigish - There's a place in Media Settings where you can enter your Slacker and TuneIn account info, so you have that option too if you don't want to rely on your iPhone all the time.

Question is what they will do for europe, I Spotify is widely available/accepted here but Slacker/TuneIn not available (as far as I can tell)

Not only have I run Spotify through my phone, but I have done a Skype conference call. Run anything on your phone, just pipe the audio through bluetooth.

would be nice to listen to music without going through my phone.
If FM is crap (also used mainly here in NL/EU) than we atleast need some good alternative....

spotify works, but it would be nice if they could sling the album/song/artist info as well as the album cover art onto the touch screen.

When I try to load Spotify into the operating system it says "only OS and Windows". What is our operating system in the S?
Does engineering read these posts? If so, can they tell us when we will be able to have Spotify in our cars other than thru our phones?


@jerons - "if FM is crap... need some alternative". Create a free tunein account from your laptop, add the FM/AM stations you want to your favorites. Then set up the tunein app with your email/password and voila you have streaming radio.

Works great, I have some AM stations I like that don't get reception in a tunnel along my commute. tunein works for me.

Help please! Can I upgrade to Slacker Premium on my MS so I can choose entire albums to listen to??? If so, how?

You have to upgrade Slacker via a normal browser. Log out on the MS then log back in - should reflect premium access. Have to do the same when creating new playlists (each time).

Note that if you use your own slacker account instead of the built in one, songs played via search will be more limited. No idea why.

Example for the curious: Try saying "Listen to The Pretender by Foo Fighters" with a built in account vs personal premium account. The personal premium account will not play the correct song.

To reset to your Tesla provided account, delete all slacker login information and then press the center "T" to bring up the release note screen. This should repopulate the default login info. (not instantly)

I remember Elon saying in some interview that the music search function was a custom integration of a music database (gracenote?), speech decoding and slacker. Maybe using a personal slacker account messes up this integration.

It's possible, but the voice search will return correct/identical results. It's just whe. You choose the song from list, it will only play with the tesla account. Strangely enough it will play with a premium account on other platforms (iOS, etc...)

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