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Suggestion: set a threshold (in % of potential buyers) for falcon wings alternative

From going over on-line comments I'd estimate at least 30% (if not 50%) enthusiasts and/or potential buyers who don't like the falcon wing concept but do like everything else about the model.
At some threshold surely it makes more sense to keep both models, doesn't it?

Also, from a general perception / psychological point of view wouldn't it be better to at least compensate for the 10% drop in range even if it means a higher price tag?

Going for a lower range from one model to the next, for any reason seems a bit like going backwards.
As an observation, I think this could be a potentially very important issue, both for the number of cars sold and the market cap. People are not just buying a car. They are investing in an idea...

I was thinking perhaps skis could be slid under the seats. I forget how wide skis are now days though so that probably won't work either.

Yes, I would like to be able to put a roof box or bikes on the roof too. Although, I would be fine using a hitch mount bike rack. I know they make hitch mount ski racks as well.

TM claims to have a clever ski solution. Don't know if it extends to anything else.

It's not a question of 'if they solve this problem', it's a question of 'which solution will they pick?'. Here are three possibilities, I have no doubt that Tesla has a few more they've considered:

1) With a rack on the roof, the falcon wing doors don't articulate in the middle, but rather raise straight out to the side (more like a gull wing door). That solution will not impact anything on the top of the X.

2) Half-rack solution ... the crossbars are on either side of the falcon wing doors. With rack in place (and things one one side), only the unobstructed door can open.

3) Like a few station wagons of old, the falcon wing doors are designed to open either from the top or (more traditionally) hinge from the side, depending on which handle you use to open.

bonnie1194: I believe you have hit the TM solution. It is my opinion that suggestion #3 is what we will see. Hinge will open
certain ways either controlled by a setting on the 'control panel' or by sensors that detect the presence of an installed (and easily removed) roof rack.

I also believe this may be part of an option package: Call it
the 'rack option' that will carry a premium on it but be part of the 'sig' production vehicles to have those first adopters out on the road to attract new potential owners with a vehicle with all the 'bells and whistles'.


"30% (if not 50%)" of the complainers, not of all enthusiast and/or potential buyers. The negators tend to be more noisy (see any customer rating on any web site).

I also believe that if "having ONLY the falcon doors will limit the total addressable market", the remaining limited market will be an order of magnitude larger than the MX production rate.

And +1 cloroxbb

I think you're absolutely right on the last part, i.e. market is big enough compared to production line anyway.

To the first part, however, I strongly disagree, and I think this is exactly dz4's point here; There are *MANY* of us who would love to sign up for the MX asap, *BUT* there are a couple of things that are holding us back at the moment.

Speaking for myself, the roof rack/box is very important, and I need to be able to carry things longer than the car as well. (There are also quite a few things I'd not carry inside a brand new car of this price/class even though skis could be put in bags etc.) Also, I have to admit that I'm rather sceptical to the doors due to the fact that I'm living in a climate where ice and snow on the roof of my car is very common, and I would guess I'd have to clean the snow off very well to avoid it falling down into the car when the doors open. Last, but not least, many parking houses are actually so low I believe it would be a problem. When opening the trunk of a "normal" car (i.e. manual hatch), it's possible to be careful and open just a little, but with these electric falcon wings, I'm not sure how they would handle (stop automatically before hitting anything or something like that).

My 2nd problem is a hook for pulling a trailer. This is not an everyday need, but nevertheless, I actually need to be able to drive with a trailer once in a fortnight. SUVs and large station wagons are commonly chosen by people driving with trailers (even camping trailers), and the weight/power of the MX should make it well suited for pulling a trailer. (If anyone has seen any discussion about this, I'm eager to be pointed to any info!)

The 3rd draw-back of the MX is that the trunk has a treshold where the hatch closes. Most SUVs and station wagons of today offer a completely flat loading/de-loading floor wiht no threshold. I realise this is probably harder on the MX since they want the floor as low as possible in order to ensure volume is kept high. Also, I admit it's not a show-stopper, just a bit less ultimate...


but with these electric falcon wings, I'm not sure how they would handle (stop automatically before hitting anything or something like that).

Tesla have said there will be sensors to keep the falcon wings from crashing into obstacles as they open.


"When opening the trunk of a "normal" car (i.e. manual hatch), it's possible to be careful and open just a little, but with these electric falcon wings, I'm not sure how they would handle (stop automatically before hitting anything or something like that)."

At the shareholders meeting Q & A, Elon responded to that concern by stating there will be proximity sensors around the falcon doors that will stop the door with low clearance garages, and also prevent any 'pinching fingers' when closing.

He also mentioned water channels that would address the rain & snow concerns.

I don't see many of the positorians ranting in multiple paragraphs about how much they like the features etc of a non-released product. So the 1st part of my post above about the negatorians being more noisy holds true. And you prove it.

Not every product is for everybody. So MX may not be for you. Don't buy it.

Positorian rant:

I love the falcon wings on the Model X, they're fresh, they're exciting, they're cool looking, and best of all they're there because they're practical and functional. It's a small break with car convention, but I like that! I wish they'd made more bold steps with the MX rather than that they do less of it as some would have.

Don't even get me started on the step-in/stand-upright-in feature for the third row. No I mean it, don't start me!

The (rumoured) trailer hitch is a must for me, I wouldn't buy another car without one. A very shrewd move for Tesla to (possibly) put a hitch on an EV, love it!

And the AWD, pure genius. While it's true you may or may not actually need it due to superior anti-spin capabilities on electric drive trains, nevertheless, for the "always prepared" boy scout types among us, this is a pure deal sealer from the ground up.

Not to mention the (presumed) genial solution to the roof rack problem! A year ago I would never have thought anyone could do falcon wings and a roof rack but now, I'm just awestruck by the (alledged) brilliance of Tesla's (future) roof rack design! And who wouldn't be! I can just (barely) imagine how great it's going to be, and it's not even here yet!

And have you seen the storage space in that thing? Wow, just wow! And there's even room for a third wow! in the frunk! Amazing doesn't even begin to describe it.

Would you believe even that the car may or may not exceed the Model S itself in unofficial, non-sanctioned 5.x crash test ratings? How do they (perhaps) pull that off, time and time again?

And the looks of the thing, I mean that car is just going to be pretty. Just (imagine you) look at it! The lines, the curves, the sun glinting off the paint … and look ma no (or possibly two) side mirrors! I can't believe they could (or failed to) pull that one off!

If there is one criticism I have of this (future) car it's that they're making everyone else look bad. That's not quite cricket now is it, but let's face it, who can stay slightly mischievously annoyed at Tesla for very long! Love it! <3

Yes, car selection is a very personal thing and the MX will satisfy many. Personally, the Falcon doors are a deal breaker for me, as I said in another thread. For a few decades now, all of my cars, including coupes like the BMW M3 and my trusty Subaru wagons, have been reliable haulers of everything under the sun: kayaks, canoes, road bikes, mountain bikes, campfire wood, gas cans, skis, lumber, furniture, boxes, pipe, survey tripods, etc.

Are the Falcon doors innovative and eye catching? Sure. But someone was over-thinking it when they proposed fitting them to a sport utility vehicle. My definition of sport and utility includes carrying loads of gear up top.

Way to go, bent!

p.s. however, the next poster rushed in to neutralize your rant and once more prove my postulate. Geezzz... on how many threads you need to say that the product is not for you!

I think many of you are jumping the gun on considering the Model X a no go because of the lack of top storage.

I think its a little early to judge a product that isn't even a finished design yet. I would wait for the actual "finished product" reveal of the Model X first.

+1 cloroxbb

+2 cloroxbb

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