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Tech Package

Has anyone had a Model S delivered without the tech package, and regretted that omission? If so, why?

I almost made the same mistake on not including the tech package...I caught it, by reading in detail in the owner's on the horn...and saved the day...1 day before it when into production!

I think the standard stereo is very good. I've been able to understand lyrics that were previously mysterious! I expect that the upgrade is fantastic, but I'm very happy with the standard version. I don't have high-end equipment in my house and I've never before owned a car quiet enough to bother with high-end sound! Maybe ignorance is bliss!

I did not get it. The only feature I thought was really important is turn by turn NAV. I was assuming that a google map will be available in the future making it similar to the capability you get on a smart phone. The car clearly had a GPS chip so I don't see reason why not. The capability of having maps stored locally to get NAV when no cellular coverage is something I am willing to pass.

So... If my assumption about a google app for car eventually happens I won't regret my decision.

@amirm - While you do get a Google-sourced map on the touch screen, without the tech package, it will not give you turn-by-turn directions as you get on a smart phone.

I think he was speculating that it would be available in the future. If not from Tesla, then thru a third party app. I think so too.

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