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Tesla, you need to fight these fires before they spread further!

This is urgent, we already earned some mediocre press (Tesla prices Model S, makes navigation optional). I'm saying "we" because I am a reservation holder, share holder and a Tesla enthusiast.

Here are your top three priorities in the marketing department, and you better respond quickly. Quickly as in today:

  • Signature reservation holders feel they do not get fair value for their money. This is particularly true for those who made their deposits before the IPO. It was as much venture capital as it was a reservation deposit, and you need to give those folks something tangible in return. They are our believers, our evangelists and our most potent customers. I am not one of them, but I agree with most of their arguments (see other threads). This needs to be addressed!
  • You need to clarify pricing for the performance version. The way pricing is currently presented is not only ambiguous, it also conveys the impression that you are not being straight with your customers (see other threads). Bad impression and confusing to say the least. Should be easy to fix.
  • You most urgently need to clarify, explicitly and officially on the "Options & Pricing" page which features do come standard. Seeing a "keyless entry" option leads people to believe that the base model needs to be opened with an old-school key. "Turn by turn navigation" options leads people to think that the base model cannot even show a map on its 17" screen. If you don't believe me, read the posts on this forum from the last two days. And I don't even mention the TMC forums.

Fellow forum readers, please do not post in this thread regarding the treatment of signature owners, or regarding the pricing of the performance version. These issues are excessively being discussed in multiple other threads.

In this thread, I want to create a list of things that are understood in a car in the class that the Model S is targeting. These features are so obvious, that Tesla does not care to mention them. Incertitude and false information, bad press entails. Here's my start:
- Standard keyless entry
- Standard map/routing application
- Cruise control
- Folding mirrors (automatic/power)

Volker - This is so extremely will written I can't think of anything possible to add! These are my thoughts exactly! Kudos.

Best in class storage.
Intermittent wipers.
LED daytime running lights.
Traction control.
3G internet on 17" screen with bluetooth stereo streaming standard. (3G internet is completely unclear on the pricing options; the nav system makes it look like they dropped the internet.)

Can't say anything about safety rating... yet.
Possible correction to your list: I don't think the mirrors fold?

I too would like to see a complete list of standard features on a base model.

What happened to wifi hotspot? Not mentioned at all in the pricing/option information.

Power trunk and frunk opening. . Cooling for frunk .. Needed in warm climates.

Complete list is impossibility, something just have to be taken as granted.

I think the point of this thread is just to figure out what isn't considered as obvious.

- heated steering wheel.
- heated windshield and side mirrors.
- Touchscreen operation temperature ranges would be nice to learn.
- Spare tire (does it exist? Runflat? what?).
- Mobile connector (doesn't mention that in options).

Timo - I'm relatively sure there won't be a spare tire, most electrics stay away from them to save weight and/or cut down the CD.

As to additional list of value for Signature owners I would add:

-extended service/warrantee, since we're clearly early adopters it would be appropriate and valuable for Tesla to share in the risk. Given that there are new/unknown service items to deal with (how often does one change the cooling fluid for the 85kwh battery anyway), there would be real value if Tesla provided such service gratis for Sigs at least.
-2nd info-tainment screen for backseat passengers...the cabin is roomy enough and could provide rear controls for audio/heat-AC/other-stuff.
-voucher good for 1 of the extra cost options (panoramic roof OR home charger OR ...) at least that would get another ~$1500 for the $40,000 we loaned Tesla!
-given the different climates there could be packages targeted at the Sigs (they know exactly who we are and where we live, right?!). I for one find no value in heated seats as a Cali wimp; but, would find value in extra shading for panoramic roof, extra AC, other warm weather treatments.

So much for my thoughts.

Sig 692

Assumed in standard features:
- Electrochromatic rear-view mirror
- Theft alarm
- Remote vehicle monitoring and control via smartphone apps
- N years of roadside assistance
- Driver seat, steeting wheel, and mirror memory (key specific)
- Voice recognition controls
- Folding split rear-seat (60/40)
- Ambiance lighting
- Interior courtesy lights with auto-dimming function
- Frameless windows with automatic drop function on door opening
- Automatic headlight on/off control
- 12v power outlets (number & location)
- Cupholders (number & location)
- Rear window defroster

in addition to those listed earlier.

Two things I see that I find interesting:

Roadside assistance. I think this should be extensive, and clearly stated as part of the base vehicle price.

Rear seat infotainment screen. Now why didn't I think of that?! I love this idea. There is certainly enough room for it, and it just seems to bring the whole cabin up a notch. This would, in my opinion, be an over $1k option (based on similar options on other vehicles). I want one (or rather, my daughter wants one).

Since Tesla will be providing remote diagnostic service for the S I'm wondering if it would be possible to link the alarm system so that the owner would get a text message when the alarm is triggered.

For those of you who want rear entertainment systems,Tesla is already providing two rear seat USB ports which will allow passengers to use their own entertainment systems. I see no reason to provide anything additional.

Kevjo - You lost me on the infotainment comment. It's sort of like a guy asking for a big screen tv in his house, and his wife saying, "well you have an electrical outlet, that should be good enough".

I usually agree with Volker.Berlin, however, to quibble over a few thousand dollars is, IMHO, not worth it. Invest in the TSLA stock and make that money back. Don't bleed more from the fine folks at TM. They are already doing everything they can to bring this car to market and I believe they will take care of you!

Disco - You'll have to ask Volker about his view. But my view isn't that this is about the money. It's that it was just handled badly. I'm more than happy to pay good money for a great car. That's not the issue here at all for me. And I don't believe it's the issue for Volker either.

Yeah, maybe, but I'm reminded that "you can't please everyone all the time". And taking the money out of the equation (a few thousand on a $80K purchase) then all of this goes away. And I usually agree with your veiwpoint to I appreciate your thoughts.

It saddens me to think that people like Volker won't be singing the praises of TM to others in their Sig just because TM is might have not been overly communicative when trying to build what we all seem to consider the coolest car to hit the streets....ever!

Disco - I love the car, there's no question about it. I'm a little less than satisfied with the company at this specific moment in time. These are two distinctly different issues though. I just feel that this price rollout was handled badly. BUT I love the car, and don't plan on cancelling my reservation because of it. Does that make sense?

Disco - I wouldn't ding Volker on this. My impression is that he created this post to capture, consolidate, and articulate several of the threads on the forum. His intent seems positively directed, and his phrasing backs that up.

Yeah, after visiting Freemont, with a background in computer manufacturing and project manager, I love what the company stands for. What they are doing is absolutely insane. The distance they are covering and the critical path they are on in such a short amount of time is unthinkable. My analogy is this: Plan to run a marathon in 1:45, on a tightrope, that is on fire. Every step they take is new and most likely will require new IP to move forward, they need to establish relationships with suppliers and countless other companies to ensure smooth deliveries from their manufacturing lines. Quality holes will kill them if they don't. For Elon to bet everything on this company and this car is really something that only a few can even dream about.

Sure, everything could use a bit more polish but I would be money they were arguing over every last word on that page right up until they flipped it on. Some were happy, others were not, but they got it out, the car is getting made and they know owners will happy.

That's where I'm coming from...

Hi everyone,

I have cancelled my reservation as of today. I've cancelled out of frustration with Tesla, and the nagging feeling that that they are exploiting 'family' through clever advertising and pricing schemes.

If you are a Sig reservation holder and you are fed up with pricing, cancel.
If you are a non-sig holder and are fed up with the 160's lack of quick-charging, cancel.
If you are fed up with anything else, cancel.

Canceling your reservation appears to be the only way to get Tesla to understand who pays their bills and keeps them viable as a company.

If they address and/or fix the glaring PR issues and you are once again confident that they know who their customers are, then just make another reservation. So you have to wait a little while longer for your vehicle? At this point, do you really feel comfortable going full-steam ahead with your purchase.

I'm placing this in Volker.Berlin's thread because it has the title most likely to get Tesla's attention. I would make a thread titled "Post here if you've canceled your Reservation", but for some reason I'm not able to create a thread.

This is the only way guys. They're obviously not listening. Why should we expect things to get better if we don't take drastic action to raise some eyebrows within the company?

It seems to me that Tesla has become far too focused on their shareholders, and ignorant of the feedback of their actual customers. THey are completely backwards in this thinking, because there will not be any shareholders if there aren't customers.

You most urgently need to clarify, explicitly and officially on the "Options & Pricing" page which features do come standard.

In addition it would be prudent if Tesla clarified which options have the potential of incurring additional recurring charges or expenses. For instance, besides the subscription fees for satellite radio, is it possible there might be additional telecommunication fees incurred for using certain advanced features, smartphone applications, or fees to periodically update navigation maps, etc? What are the maintenance consequences of switching from the standard tires to the performance tires?


The pricing of my performance level Signature edition exactly matched my expectations.

@Johnny, isn't this your first post? What reservation number were you? Help me believe you are not a troll.

I have been "fed up" with things in my life but I didn't walk away, nor do I think that sends the right message. But to each his own, it's just not the way to do business with a product that is in high demand. You can walk away from a Crysler and they'll beg you to come back or Saab (sorry, too soon?)

Things I've been "fed up" with but didn't walk away from and got what I wanted:

Internet monthly charges from Comcast - I've complained and they drop their price ($30/month for 12/5 service)

Credit card yearly premiums - I've complained and they waived the fee year after year.

Cell phone - Negotiation, outside of Apple products, always results in a free phone and less monthlies.

My past ICE new car purchases - Negotiation, hard negotiation, has always paid off.

However, supply and demand "always" dictates price. Apple has this currently and Tesla does as well. 25% margin is even good for the software industry.

P.S. I have a second reservation for you if you'd like it but it will cost you! JK'ing, peace!

I too am a TSLA shareholder and company cheerleader (P469). Lot's of good feedback above, I won't repeat. My most glaring omission in options is the lack of innovation in the way they were rolled out. I was expecting TSLA to do something ground breaking e.g. Other then the choice of battery, It would have been cool to see them do an "every-things included" and you back out the few items you don't need for credit. At the least there should have been better "package" deals, especially for Sig holders.

"Canceling your reservation appears to be the only way to get Tesla to understand who pays their bills and keeps them viable as a company."
"This is the only way guys. They're obviously not listening."


Have you emailed or called Tesla regarding your issues? Have you allowed them reasonable time to respond?

To the second question, the answer is definitely not.

"... then just make another reservation."
And end up worse off than you are today by taking a more mature action -- contacting Tesla, gathering information and providing feedback, and making a more informed decision.

"Why should we expect things to get better if we don't take drastic action to raise some eyebrows within the company?

Maybe it just me but this just sounds like an entitlement culture response that I have zero respect for.

At the end of the day, Elon and Tesla Motors did it !

An unquestionably beautiful cavernous EV with 160 mile (battery) 0-60 in 6.6 for $49,900.

Leaf:not very attractive, average cargo space, 73 miles (battery) $25,000

Fisker unquestionably beautiful, limited cargo space 30-50 miles (battery), 0-60 in 6.1 for $98,000

I was going to continue to list but here is a good link

Bottom line, there is NO comparison.

Instead of upgrading my production reservation I simply added a Signature reservation just in case I might of been rewarded. However to the Sales Team's credit they all told me what they thought the price would be, and they were correct. So now I happily revert to my saved production number.

Planning to include 85 kwh battery, panoramic, air suspension, leather and paint, can't wait !

P 2576

Please stick to original idea of this thread. It was created to help Tesla to figure out what they need to tell people about STANDARD features.

For example the tech package "keyless entry" does not mean that in standard package you need to stick a key to the door. It just means you need to press a button in keyfob. I can live with that. This is no way obvious, and that is what Tesla needs to fix. People will cancel their reservations if standard equipment is not good enough.

For example: is there a parking proximity radar? Any parking helpers at all? No mention about that in the page. Those might be there or not.

Timo - Tesla sent me an email saying they don't have information for a list of standard features yet (features available at the base price). They indicated this would be available (within the next few weeks). This, however, seems odd to me. This usually works the other way around, with standard features available right away, and options coming out later.

They should at least tell the standard options for items mentioned as optional.

For example:
The tech package:

-Turn by turn navigation: is there any navigation at all without?
-High definition backup camera: no parking assistants without? Proximity radar?
-Keyless entry: we already know about keyfob button
-Xenon headlamps: Alternative? Daylight leds?
-LED foglights: is that same as daylight leds?
-Electrocromatic side mirrors: what about mirror inside the car?
-16GB hard drive. Standard is how big? 160GB? 16GB hard drive is a joke, unless there is no hard drive at all without.
-two rear USB ports. Really? That's optional? Costs, what, 10cents to install? I just got an new computer at work. It has 12 USB ports. 12. This should not be in options.
-Homelink. Apparently there is no lesser system in place of that so that's actually something that is added to standard without replacement.

Sound studio package mentions 16GB hard drive as well. Is that same as tech package 16GB hard drive? Probably.

Heated seats are mentioned only with nappa leather interiors. Does that mean that heated seats are not an option without? How about 12-way adjustable heated seats with microfiber interior? For all-weather and condition car heated seats should be standard. In fact it is standard in all the premium cars I know, actually it is standard in most basic cars. That's like saying that A/C is optional.

Disco - I wouldn't ding Volker on this. My impression is that he created this post to capture, consolidate, and articulate several of the threads on the forum. His intent seems positively directed, and his phrasing backs that up. (brianman)

Thanks brianman, my response would have been much wordier, but could not have been more to the point. I'll spare you mine and refer to yours instead. :-)

I think this isn't so much about hard facts, it is simply a PR mess. Which makes me wonder b/c that's a department where Tesla has a very strong track record IMO. Understanding that cars are at least as much about emotion as they are about cost and practical value, is one of Tesla's strengths that made the Model S possible in the first place (as opposed to yet another electric "golf kart"). In this case they failed, which is a nuisance and simply should be cleaned up asap.

It might be that PR is strong point, but they have not done very good job in the website. This might be one of those cases, where website has been neglected in favor of other media, and IMO that is an mistake, considering that in modern world first thing you do when you encounter something you don't know is check the web.

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