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Test drive Model S now available in Bellevue!

FYI - Model S performance is now available for test drives for reservation holders in the Bellevue Square store! Took a drive today. The route I took was down Bellevue Way from Bellevue Square, then the on-ramp heading East to I-405 (very nice curve to try out there). Then North on I-405, exit off freeway on to North East 8th heading to Bellevue Square (another very nice curve to test the cornering on) and then back to the Tesla parking area.

It reconfirmed just how amazing the Model S is to drive. I didn't catch the VIN. I'll see if I can get it the next time I'm out there. Grey body, no panoramic roof and 21" silver wheels. Mirror autotilt was very nice when putting the car in reverse.

I believe the drives for now will be limited to reservation holders or those very serious about putting down a deposit. Give the store a call if you would like to test drive the car.

Thanks blurry_eyed...I just called the Bellevue store to set up a test drive!

Is it a performance or non-performance model? I drove the grey performance model during the Get Amped event, but I would like to drive a non-performance model in order to compare them. I am having a hard time making up my mind. If the non-performance model is still quick enough, I think I will go that route and save some money. I need to drive it to know for myself though.

It is a performance model dsecrist.

I drove a nonperformance model and it was awesome. Still looking forward to my performance, though :)

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