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Time To Build Europe

S12 (EU) got his Time To Build email today and configured right away
Expected Delivery: 06./07.2013
Wondering when to expect my TTB-email
P1435 (EU)

Now the new packages for Europe are also on the pricelist here, but not for US.

Things are moving again.
R231 and P653 (Dutch) reported TTB

P553 denmark have recived TTB email

P35 Switzerland, w/out a Roadster TTB :)

Vandaag TTB mail ontvangen

Martijn (NL) P406

Packages for Europe are already on the pricelist here, but didn't theay said that Lighting Package is included in Signature Model S??

IMHO, it would be wise if Tesla would inform EU-customers what is happening.

some EU-P's got TTB-mails, while other Eu-Sig's are left without notice.

those reservation-holders feel uncomfortable about that, and might cancel their reservation.

and that would be a shame for both Tesla as them !

@Jolinar: Just checked with Tesla and it seems that the website is wrong. The Lighting package is included for the Sigs.

Received TTB mail today. General production #883.

@Jolinar: I checked with Tesla also about the price for the lighting package for Signatures. It is included and they will change the website soon.
If you go to the Design Studio, it already shows the correct prices.

Congratulations! It has been a long wait, but it's nice to hear about Danish production numbers coming through :-) then hopefully p1650 is just around the corner...

There's a spread sheet to keep each other informed as much as possible on Tesla's progress. Please fill in your information as your status updates:

I am very excited about the Europeann deliveries! I live in the US and have a Tesla S. I am currently in Vienna on business and missing my Tesla. I travel to Vienna about 2-3 times a year. I hope that next time I am here I will see an elelgant model S driving down the streets of the very elegant city of Vienna.

Hi guys! I also got my TTB today! I´m wondering about the deduction part, does it apply for us in Europe or only for US? Luckily we are going for a second test drive, this time in Oslo, Norway early May so we have time to make a final decision within the time limit.

reservation holder #417 (Europe)
/The Swedish Bolt!

TTB email received today, Germany P580

Got a black-out.... What is TTB again?

Got the "under production"-tag on my car on My Tesla page;-) The thing is actually being built! ! I can hardly believe it. I have recently been on a tour of the factory, and I can imagine the production line, and the robots welding it all together. Maybe I saw the stamping of the hood of my car? I remember thinking this when I was there.

Sig Europe #423

@Thomas: TTB = Time to Build

Thanks Simon.
My Tesla shows 'The Tesla Factory is building your Model S Signature Performance' but I didn't receive a TTB email. Is that normal?

TTB and "Your paperwork is ready" email received today.
Waiting for the "paperwork countersign"
Switzerland P809.

Oh ok, TTB means something like time to configure... Got it now :)
I guess I'm waiting now for the TTD email (Time to Deliver) :)

I got my TTB email today, Sweden #537. But I will wait a few months before finalizing my order.

@dirk.saenen, absolutely. George get on the phone !!

Highest (posted) TTB so far is #905.
Considering the R's and unknown cancelations this could be well over a thousand TTB's.
I should be in the next batch with 1435.
High P's (800+) reported a delivery window aug-sep.
Sep-oct might gonna be mine :-)

BTW: Tesla advertised today in Holland: reserve this month, we deliver this year.
For great tax-profits(partialy ending after 2013), EV's (for business) are very cheap in the netherlands.
Hope for a boost from the unknown.

@bredell. I'd really like to exchange's with you

Excited here too. Since I am "only" 2853, I would love to date a girl (heck, even a guy) with a roadster so I can upgrade to a R number, LOL

I'm still waiting, P1088 in Norway. But I'm very happy that some of you with lower numbers will wait a few months to finalize ;)

I'm pushing that button the second I see it for the first time...

Got my TTB today.
Germany P#312

A gal R-owner could make out like a bandit(-ess) renting herself out for dates and "friend" qualifications!

Noticed that the prices has gone up as the new options has beek added to the Danish configuration page. At the very bottom of the list is added "Destination and Regulatory Doc fee". Can anybody explain what it is?

It is the payment for Issuing the registaration papers and handing you over the Car for filing the registration application etc.
Did you see the service page. You find the prices for the yearly Car service there dont be again astonished

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