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Time Magaizine Man of the Year??

I was at the Tesla event last night in Manhattan which announced the Motor Trend's Car of the Year award. Afterwards I was having a conversation with George B and he said although he and everyone at Tesla were very proud of the Motor Trend award he felt that Tesla Motors and Elon's vision is much more than "The Car". He wished there was an award that was "Bigger" .... I half-jokingly suggested "How about Time Magazine's Man of the Year"

On the drive home I got to thinking why not??? Tesla is a game changer for the auto industry and the planet?
Why not Elon Musk? Who else is changing the world in so many ways at once with Tesla, Space X, Solar City?

Or if Time does not want Elon, how about the Model S as man/machine of the year. In 1982 the PC won the title so the Model S would be eligible.

Does anyone know how to nominate or should we start an email campaign?

Man of the year? Really?
When was the last time you recall one person changing your idea of what the future could hold. I thought space travel was dead, not even the governments of the world wanted to design a spacecraft. I never thought I would see a real electric car.
Like GB said these things are impossible. I believe Elon makes them happen. I think the space shuttle was the last thing that would fit into the category of what Elon is doing.
Man of the year is an understatement.

Started a thread on this 4-6 months ago. Maybe even a poll on TMC. All over it.

But what I want to know is, "Dude, where's my jetpack?"

Decade might be better. Just hard to say which decade(s)!

Wouldn't that rot JP's sox? >:}

But maybe we should wait till the Dragon is "man-rated" in a couple of years or so, and the GenIII is revealed.

only when the model S is in front of my house (in Belgium). then he‘s “ the man of the year”.#P 1332EU

Surely you don't read "Time" in Belgium!?

@teo... u heard about Elon's tube travel. might be better than jetpack...


Martin Jetpack (New Zealand) was talking about commercial production last year... mentioned USD $49,000 as the initial target retail price.

Looks like it would fit easily in the back of an S or X ...

The Martin Jetpack is powered by a two-stroke ICE and it sounds like a demented chainsaw on nitro. I'm not holding my breath as to its commercial viability.

Does that make me the JP of personal VTOL flight? :-)

Time just published it 10 finalists for 'Person of the Year'. Jeff bozos is on the list, but not Elon. Are they joking? Bezos has nothing on Elon. Space X, Tesla and Solar City vs Amazon; are they kidding?

Time is well behind the times! But frankly, the stuff Elon is doing is so huge, it'll take the rest of the world five more years to catch on. All of a sudden he'll be the most famous celebrity. Patience grasshopper...

Amen Shop. When he takes the pebble from their hands, it will be time for him to go. Sunrise on Mars is spectacular.

Elon is already perhaps the most famous CEO on the planet. The accolades have started with various "CEO of the year" awards from different magazines. The recognition is there.

I don't think it has really penetrated to the masses just how much SpaceX / Tesla / SolarCity could change things.

It will likely be 2016-2017 before Elon really gets full recognition. I think certain accomplishments will raise him to legendary status.

Doing something on a private basis to Mars without waiting for the government. Perhaps the slingshot mission of two people doing an orbit around Mars, similar to Apollo 8 doing the Christmas orbit around the moon with the famous "Earth Rise" photo.

Just launching commercial satellites into Geo Transfer Orbit, while impressive, is not going to garner worldwide "OMG" attention. Elon needs to fulfill some of the hype associated with his boasts, such as the MCT "Mars Colony Transport".

As for Tesla, he won't really get credit for changing transportation until the Gen III "affordable" car is being produced in mass numbers. The path exists to get there, but there are plenty of question marks on if we can get 200 miles of range at $35,000 by 2016. If he does it, then he deserves the "Man of the Year" type of acclaim. If not, then Tesla is just a toy for rich people.

In a world that can frustrate and disappoint, it's a joy to have Elon amongst us.

Oh well, we will let Pope Frances keep the seat warm for Elon. ;.)

Not necessary. Teslas have electric seat warmers.

Pope beat out Elon...and Miley Cyrus.

You'd think Elon would have gotten a nod if he had twerked online instead of using his twitter account...

Actually, I'm rather glad that Pope Francis got it. IMHO he's a refreshing change from the last pope. Elon didn't need any more accolades this year. We may all be dead by then, but I expect Elon to get Man or Person of the Century the next time it comes up.

Does anyone else get the feeling that Elon is playing "Sid Meyer's Civilization IX" -- the real world edition? I'm pretty sure he is winning the NGO division.

Its pretty clear what happened:

The TIme Magazine selection committee reviewed this Forum on background. As a result, they simply assumed that Elon WAS the pope.

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