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using tesla cars as individual charging stations that could be plugged into the grid when not in use as an automobile.

It is my understanding that photo voltaic technology has increased enough to allow the exterior finish to be an applied finish. That would in effect create a solar voltaic charged battery pack. Use power as needed, share anytime. With the new battery from the young girl technology applied, storage could be much larger.

Both the title idea and the paint idea are silly imaginings. Tesla has said the cars cannot output power. Total sunshine on a car's surface would take hundreds of hours to charge the batteries.

What is "young girl" technology?

Use to search the site for the MANY posts on these fantasies.

Lack of power output is just lack of connector in Tesla case. All the necessary electronics are already in place.

Car actually loses charge quite fast when battery is full just by sitting in place. I'm not sure you could ever get it full with solar paint. When it closes to full charge you lose more at night than you get at day.

1 mile a day with 5.0 is 'quite fast'? You have high standards!

One mile is about 320Wh. That's just the sweet spot for "never get it full".

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