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Vanity plate ideas. Need your feedback.

Killing time until my MS85 arrives in September, so trying to decide on a vanity plate and would welcome suggestions, comments, votes, etc.

CAR 2.0


Checkout There's a huge thread on this already...


Check out this thread over at TMC for more ideas...

I like CAR 2.0 or AUTO 2.0. I haven't heard of that idea for a license plate before.

My Tesla license is PLUGDIN in Maryland. I saw NO GAS on a Tesla in Maryland the other day. on order for me in Nevada

XEROGAS in taken in CA. You have one guess as to who grabbed it.

Which reminds me, how does one track the progress of vanity plates in CA? Does the DMV have a web page that lets you know when it will be delivered?

in ohio I am: PLUG N GO

RED P85+ (wishing had parking sensors)


@Xerogas - how long have you been waiting?

I ordered mine (EVLUTIN) on June 16th and haven't heard a thing. I keep booking appointments at the DMV and canceling them. :)

I wanted FK OPEC but didn't think the DMV would
Ok it....
FOPEC was also a choice.......
Good luck

Roger (red 85 tan sensors)

In Arizona, I have KWTPWR. Followers have their choice of interpretation: Quiet Power or Kilowatt Power.


Was thinking about WHTESLA before WKDFAST.

I think putting TESLA or anything alluding to the car's brand is a waste of valuable space when the word TESLA is right above the plate and can also be included in the plate frame. Having only seven characters, what to do? This takes me back to my old DOS days when files could only have 8 characters. Boy, we really had to think hard back then... :)

PLUG U2 (if you're aggressive)
NoMoPmp (unfortunately can be read as "pimp", though)
NoMoICE (you can see the trend here...)

You know that anyone who knows of any good available combinations wouldn't post it until they get their plates right? Just saying.

I went with FLASDRV but I really liked 121GWAT


"In Arizona, I have KWTPWR. Followers have their choice of interpretation: Quiet Power or Kilowatt Power."

That is a lot better than WATTPWR, which could get you killed and thrown in a ditch in some areas :-)

WATTBOY -- same issue.


I think EVLUTIN was one of my suggestions, thanks for using it!

I ordered in the first week of May, and not a peep from the DMV since then (other than them cashing my check)

ALL TORQ works well for speakers of Australian English, since torque and talk sound kind of similar here.

SWTCHD ON would also be good in Australia. Don't know if other people use that phrase to describe a smart cookie, but we do.

Do what I did - honor Nikola Tesla. My plate reads WRDNCF 2, named for the second coming of his Long Island laboratory. But you could go with, e.g.,

Niks pgn - for pigeon. Tesla (a nut bar) was in love with them.

Coil rdx - Tesla coil redux

Nks foly - folly was also his crazy idea that we would someday have wireless telephones. What a nut!


@Xerogas Yep, it was - thank you! I love it, for three reasons: because I do truly think that the Model S represents a big step in the evolution of motorized transport, because I like the "EV" part - "EV-luting" instead of "polluting" lol - and because for quite a few years I was planning to be an evolutionary biologist. I've always wanted to put one of those Darwin fish on my car, but was too scared that someone would do something malicious like key it in response.

I got 4GETOIL up here in Canada... Slightly ironic considering I live in an oil producing part of the province....

If I didn't have a favorite already (transferring from an existing car), I'd recommend this one:

My West Virginia Plate is,,,S CAR GO...

I grabbed


from CA DMV

Help me decide which to use on my Model S...

@ NICE - Maybe if you live in California, I don't mind sharing ideas from Arizona because I don't think they are shipping a whole lot of them this way.

My all-time favorite is WTFRUNK

I've got "GET AMPT" in California.

I ordered GOTKW, special plate allowed only 5 characters... But in FL for a regular plate you can have 7, and I was going to go with PLGNPLY.

@Jamon I like that one!


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