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Vanity Plates?

Hey folks,
I'm a first-time poster, but a long-time lurker.

I just ordered vanity plates for my Sig and thought I'd start a thread to see what other folks have gotten.
After much deliberation, I got "HC FREE" (California).

I've never had vanity plates before, but as an early adopter, I'm voting with my dollar (ok, many dollars). I want to spread the word for Tesla and electric cars in general, and I figure a vanity plate is a good way to introduce the driving public to an option they may not be aware of. "Hey, that there Aston-Martin is hydrocarbon free! - oh wait, what's a Tesla?"

- Dean

PS: I tried to get "AC 4 ME" but that became unavailable while I was in the process of checking out. If whoever got that is on this forum, you would have missed out if you were a minute slower ;)

I ordered (but have not yet received)



C02NTRL was still available in WA as of January, I was outvoted by the wife & kids.



I like BAT MBL or PWR UP


Whalen, I got BATT MBL and have seen people read it in my rearview mirror, then laugh. Kinda fun.

Just arrived:

+1 @nickjhowe
Your chrome is still nice and shiny, given the outlet and conduit in the reflection!

Is the plate meant to show that you're crabby?

@nickjhowe - What a coincidence! - I live right up the road from you (Boynton) and this morning I got KCKNGAS

Just ordered XPETROL for California plate

My California plate is: LINUX

After all, the Tesla Model S interface is Linux based. =)


Did the rest of you get a license plate holder that sales Tesla on it? I got a front license plate holder but not a rear one?


Rod in Colorado

click the pick and use the share dropdown to get the code for this:


fk opec

think they'll let me?

typo: pic (picture) pick

Try one word: FOPEC .

Thanks - I'm a novice



thanks Brian..
great idea

Reece (OP);
Didn't you consider eliminating spaces? AC4ME, or AC 4ME or AC4 ME?
I'm massively surprised that you got LINUX, surely you must have had it prior to you MS?


Got my Oregon plates a few weeks ago - NIKOLA. Works nicely with the Tesla silver plate frame, as the word TESLA appears directly under NIKOLA.

And then, of course, people ask me who Nikola is. :)

I think someone tried that, but their state thought it wasn't PC enough. Good luck!

I got "GR8 4 USA".

I got KCK GAS; I've gotten quite a few comments by people who are amused. When I told my delivery specialist what was coming, making it sound like KICK *SS, his expression was priceless. He said that he had delivered many cars with variations on that theme, but he had never heard the KICK *SS part before and had wondered why it was so popular! Twenty minutes later, he commented on it again. Very funny.

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