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What are the most popular exterior colors that people are choosing?

I went with Silver, but have not seen many. However, I am interested in what other people have chosen.

I actually hope very few people pick mine :) ...I went with green....


I chose black and around LA I have seen mostly black and white. I would say silver and gray would be next in popularity.

Midnight Blue here, grey leather, too.

Real Orange.
Oh, wait ...

Brian: Visiting Tesla on saturday, there was a Real Orange Roadster standing next to the MS. Asked my wife if maybe that's the color we should go for. She said no. :(

Pearl White has always been my fave for the Model S, Black would be a second with the Midnight Blue as a close 3rd! :) I finalized in early February for my Dad's Model S, he went Silver.

Silver here.

Love my Signature Red. It is the most lustrous color we have seen. Liked it so much we changed our order to Signature.

Pearl White here

Multi-Coat Red, if it ever shows up in production.

Midnight blue, black roof, grey 21" wheels, grey leather, carbon int. waiting for spoiler...

White with body colored roof.

Mine will be Green

Sshrivas +1

White body colored roof

I have midnight blue and man does it show the dirt!!! i feel like i will be spending a lot of money keeping this car clean. it sure is beautiful when its clean, but if i had to do it all over again i think i would pick the dolphin grey

Dark blue, grey.

If they had a bluish silver, I'd take that with black interior.

Grey and love it

has anyone seen a silver with 19 inch rims? and does it look nice?

The salespeople told me that the 4 most popular colors are black, white grey & silver, (in no particular order). Ordered silver with grey leather.

I have Pearl White and I love it but unfortunately I see too many other white Tesla's. I think around OC it's the most common color.

Love the silver w/chrome rims. Looks very sleek!

Yes, pearl white with body colored roof.
Jz13, yes, there does seem to be quite a few of us in OC.

Where in OC are you?

anyone have a live pic of the brown im curious as to what it really looks like

They had 1 in the Newport beach, fashion island Tesla parking this last weekend.
Rich chocolate brown. I personally don't like brown as a color in general so I didn't care for it..

Signature Red ;)

@Swigg66 - that's what I have and I like it.

Pictures at

Midnight blue outside, tan inside. It's sweet.

thanks for posting the pictures it looks amazing!!

I've seen a lot of Model S's, but I've never seen Brown or Green! Mine is blue, and I love it!

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