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What caused TSLA stock to go up/down today?

Hoping this thread might pick up steam as TSLA stock goes through some amazing intra-day and open/closing swings due to the large short interest (I'm assuming).

For instance: Yesterday the stock dipped really low at closing so I bought. Today it jumped back up and I sold for a healthy profit.

Why did the stock dip yesterday and then rise so much today? I didn't see any news that would justify it.

@Docrob: I had reasoned like you about Nat gas prices when I invested heavily in 2005/6. The price slide that started soon after fracking technology began to take effect has still not played out. Fortunately, I had hedged my positions with options, so I didn't get burned too bad. Call me paranoid, but I am worried that just the perception of the US dominating in oil production may drive the OPEC to start a price war. I don't want to see gas prices at the pump go back to $2. Not until Tesla releases its Gen III model.

At $2 a gal it is still cheaper for me to charge. At $2 a gal the Performance S will still blow most of the competition off the road and the car will still cost less than that competition.

I believe that most of the new oil production in the states is coming in at a marginal cost of around $80 per barrel. So if gas gets to $2 per gallon, a lot of people will be losing serious amounts of money.


I don't think gas prices are a very important consideration for most of the people currently on the reservation list for the Model S. If it's true that people are buying it mainly for performance, convenience, quietness, etc., then gas prices are irrelevant.

tesla.mrspaghetti, *lower* gas prices may be irrelevant. Rising gas prices may broaden the Model S' target audience to the more price sensitive population.

Indeed. Eventually, no one will be able to afford not to buy a Tesla! Ferrari, etc., will be pauperized. Not to mention Toyota, VW, Ford ... Seems its almost already that way in Norway!

Of course, the taxes there on ICEs are gov't revenues, and if they collapse ... Usually the linkage between taxes and targetted spending is more theoretical than real, so it's hard to say if any related direct and indirect societal costs will also decline. It would be very interesting to see hard targets.

Jumped $1 between noon and two today (just before the weekend!) and held. Any idea why?

@BrianH - consumer reports article maybe?

Slightly positive comments on possible fiscal cliff resolution. TSLA jumped with broad market.

It was the last day to exercise or close out Nov 17 expiry options. Market often does weird things on those days.

Fridays gain might come from:
- Motley Fool recommended Tesla in a second of their newsletters
- Accelerating demand for the Model S
- Opening the first Canadian store

If you mention a new article, please provide the link!!
Ok, I see that it's probably buried in one of their paywall sub-pubs. Here's some reasonably current stuff that indicates their mindset:

The relevant part in the youtube video is at 23:06.

yes; however he was referring to their newsletters, which I suspect had much more impact.

TSLA is up about %5 today. not complaining but why?

stop trying to tie events to price movements in stock prices. it's just the nature of the market. there doesn't necessarily have to be a reason other than some big fund decided to pick up a bunch of shares or what not.

But it dived 1.5% in the final 3/4 hr.! It's gonna crash tomorrow!

Or maybe not.


Anybody want to venture a guess what a short squeeze would look like if it happened ?-- how rapid a spike & how high. I'm invested long on this stock but some shares were set aside by me for sale when I get delivery.

A sudden bout of short covering could spike the stock 28% to 45% in a 3 to 5 day period. If starting from the current price a possible near term target would be $43 to $47. I would expect to see several days of increasing price gains and volume. The key thing to watch is volume. An insane amount of volume would likely indicate that the short covering spike is over in the near term. A pull back would be expected after that.

Take a look at the chart & volume for the day Tesla fell about 25%. in April? this year. That will give you a feel for what kind of volume an upside spike might have.

However, I'm expecting a likely 3 fold increase in 2-3 years, and 10 fold increase in perhaps 10 years, so a sharp spike now will look like a small blip in the chart several years from now.

PS This is not a prediction for when it will happen.

GoTeslaChicago- Thanks

Actually the sell off I was remembering was Friday the 13th! of January 2012. Volume was 5.5 million. Seemed much higher at the time. Average daily trading volume of Tesla has increased since then. So a short covering generated volume spike might be in the 10 million range. It could even be 20 times the normal daily volume.

In a way I'm expecting series of short covering spikes, each separated by perhaps several months. Each one will be caused by a bunch of shorts all getting out at the same time. Then after a while the sentiment will be that if Tesla was overpriced before it must "really be overpriced now" and they will gradually get in again, only to be chased out again and again as Tesla continues to perform.

thin conditions between now and the end of the year plus the way the stock is acting could mean a good short covering rally is imminent! Coupled with the positive fundamental news flow, it will be interesting to see how far it goes.

Quoting Elon: "a tsunami of hurt is coming!"

just to be explicit, that's to the short-sellers. Not the shareholders.


Thanks Brian.

This is what I found in facebook this afternoon at 14h

Charging North.... Canada, here they come!

Maybe that is the good new

If Tesla goes up Friday, maybe it is because of this article:

or this one:

The naysayers seem to have gone into hiding lately.

nice articles...thanks

Another good article about Tesla. Takes a different tack than the others and I think nails it.

Tesla is up again today and volume is increasing. Could be getting closer to some fireworks!

maybe investors are beginning to read the forums and seeing that production is ramping up.

40 million shorted stocks... when will they buy them back?
Short squeeze it and shoot it in the sky

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