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What is the one feature you want TESLA MOTORS to add/change/improve on your Model S

I would like Adaptive Cruise Control. It would improve energy efficiency by optimally using the regenerative brakes and make it a smoother drive.

iPod compatible and hands free phone dialing...

More leather covered surfaces.

Music shuffle function on USB stick stored songs.

Wifi 802.1x

I picked up my car yesterday, so finally I can write something from first-hand experience!

My number one, two and three would be: automatic hill hold: automatically prevent the car from rolling in the opposite direction of the "gear" selected (D or R).

@pebell - Turning on the "creep" function should solve that problem. Adaptive cruise control would be my number one feature right now too. Sounds like they are working on it plus some. I'm excited about the autonomous in three years project Elon is tweeting about. I hope it can be retrofitted.

Interior materials used, as well as fit and finish are low grade. For example, fake leather and cheap/thin plastics that easily break and are loose. Upgrade the interior so that it's on par with other luxury models.

I agree with nick-r, the interior styling and comfort could be inproved

AC vent in the back trunk for kids seat PLEASE
no kid can survive back there if its direct sunlight,
and I have Huper Optik tint!

Mobile SC kit with two copper hooks that can directly be hooked-up on the power lines... ;D

collision detection while driving.

Like @rchiang, I personally feel that this incredibly high tech, wonder of automotive achievement should have the same collision detection / prevention technology that is offered in the new mid-level Infiniti coming to market, and already in many other high end cars. That said, I have absolutely no regrets about buying my S85, which is the best car I have ever driven, but it would be nice to have the latest technology. I hope to never need it, and I know I'm more likely to survive a crash in the Model S than in any other car, but any technology to reduce the risk of collision would be nice to have.

Still grinning!

LED Cornering Lights NOT OPTIONAL.




Charge port door should automatically close or be spring loaded - I continually forget to close that thing, I don't know what's wrong with me!

There is a "lip" at the rear of the trunk hatch that rises above the bumper. It is difficult to put my black lab into the back of the car because he has to be lifted over this area to get into or out of the trunk. He is older with arthritis and has to be carried into the car. All of my Toyotas are pretty much flat in this area, the rear trunk opening is level with the rear bumper.

Reduce weight.

Complete voice activation a la Ford coupled with complete iPhone integration with touch screen. Has anyone tried to tune an XM radio station? It must be done with touch screen. No way to use scroll wheel and no voice recognition. An accident waiting to happen!

Hyperloop button.

1. Better device controls through USB, and higher USB power (iPad)
2. a/c into back area
3. 4g mobile service
4. Alert through mobile app that someone has started/moved/opened the car - an alert, not a display once app is opened.

Adaptive cruise is number one on my want list.

After almost 12 months, and over 17k miles, the ONE thing I miss the most (compared to other vehicles), is hard-wired iPod music and controls.

I really hate the sound of my iPhone 5 playing thru the Studio Sound System via BluTooth, thus I chose to put all my music on a USB thumb-drive, for optimum quality. Unfortunately, the Studio-Sound-System via USB music lacks many functions that the iPod has, including music shuffle. I find trying to get to my favorite music while driving to be very distracting, and a huge leap backwards. I also lose all the album artwork, and song artist titles, etc when I create USB playlist folders.

Otherwise, I enjoy all the other functions of my MS, and consider most of the features to be HUGE improvements over ever other vehicle on the road.

Leave on and lock.

One great advantage of a battery car in Arizona is you can leave the AC on while you make short stops. Just need a screen option that you can set it for 0 to 30 minutes on exit and still lock the car. I know I can do it with the phone app but it's a real pain after the third or fourth stop on a hot day and takes several minutes each time.

It's the one feature on my Nissan Leaf that I really miss. On the Leaf you just leave the car on and lock the door when you get out. Works great.

A software upgrade to provide a projected path for the back up camera, linked to the steering angle, color coded in green, yellow and red.

I'll have other comments after the car is delivered!

I would like wings

I would like better cushioning on the armrests, both door and console.

How about photon torpedoes to clear off traffic on 405 freeway @ Sepulveda Pass??? LOL!

Kidding aside, things that I would like:

* Center console with more cupholders/storage. Glovebox is not enough and far from driver.

* Ability to keep energy use data for longer than 30 minutes. Would be nice to compare days or even a running average.

* Compatibility with older iPods w/o BT transmitter. USB does not work for iPod/iPhone.

iPhone USB audio is high on my list. I've seen others say on the forum that Elon stated the Made For iPhone terms were such that they'd never agree to them, so it doesn't seem likely we'll see anything on that front.

Still want:
1. power-folding mirrors
2. to be able to close charge port door from driver's seat
3. back-up, blind-side detection

Download trip information from car.

Self closing charge port cover

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