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Where will your Model S reside?

Tm has this informaton, but I think it would be interesting to develop a snap shot of where Model S' are being sold and will call "home". I'll start:

Signature #84
Vancouver BC

P 8,467 Riverside, CA - Mine
P12,453 Riverside, CA - Wife's

Carmichael, CA (sacramento area)

Venice, California

P12893 Santa Clara, CA

P 12605 Darien, CT

P 7740 Sunnyvale, CA

Ocean TWP, NJ
License plate "TESLA"

RU going to let your wife try yours, or will you make her wait? Or ... will she let you have a turn driving yours before hers comes?

S126. Laval, Canada

Hopefully someone is manually adding this to:

Sydney Australia - Sig 7


No, that's self-serve.

Vienna Austria P 551

Hi Markus !!

San Carlos, CA. P497

P701, Lillehammer Norway

Charleston SC 7258 Would love to know anyone near me!

P3805, Austin, TX (already added to the Google Map at )

In the heat in Phoenix Arizona. White on Black, 85kWh All the toys!

P85 Signature VIN #951. Delivery to Londonderry, NH expected Nov 21st-Dec5th. Roadster VIN #1342.

EU P#1646
Oslo, Norway

Larence, KS

Beaverton, OR

Make that Lawrence, KS for P2520. P4724, if you see this, feel free to shot me an email at


Fallbrook, CA

will there be a place for the car of the year at the la auto show or the detroit auto show?

up north;
Rather depends if TM pays for a spot, I'd think!

EU P1152
Uppsala, Sweden

I have met so many cool people from Delta. What's in the water there? Kokanee?

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