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Whoohoo went from" sourcing parts" to building today on my p85+!!!

Whoohoo went from sourcing parts to building today on my p85+!!! My delivery is happening well over a month and a half ahead of sched!.


Wow, sweet!

Where is your grin, then?

I share your excitement as my P85+ also finally went into production. As our cars are "neighbours" curious about your VIN - mine is 47,0xx.
Also mine is Pearl White with everything, apart from the child seats & the additional leather trim.

Have you already scheduled a delivery date with your DS?
I am still sourcing, have a VIN but no movement for almost 2 weeks although my official date is "late august"

so im wondering do they start building without a set delivery date??

Congrats. When I saw my car go into production I snapped a pic and fired it off to my wife. Very exciting....but no begins the hardest part of the wait!

Congrats Jesse!!

Anyone remember what the status is after "In Production"?


I think it's either "production complete" or "car in preparation for delivery". At that point it's only 3~4 days before you can pick up the car at factory, or the car is ready to put on the shipping truck if you take delivery elsewhere.

Hey, great news! Thanks for sharing. Now, if Tesla were a German company and read your elation over an early delivery they would say, "Vee vill build your car und then hold it until ze delivery date."

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