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Why is the Model S is not provided with the opportunity to towing hitch?

A quick search on "finn. no" will show that there are approximately 1,500 BMW 5-series models for sale in Norway. Of 1,500 has 600 towing hitch! You can even find the BMW M5 with towing hitch!

This gets a little guesswork, but I think Tesla could have sold very!! much better in Norway if they provide towing hitch on Model S. (Because Tesla Model S is an alternative to "all" family cars in Norway, because of no tax on electric cars in Norway)

So I really can not understand why Tesla does not provide towing hitch on Model S, at least in Norway, unless they do not want to see the Model S with a nice boat or caravan hanging behind :)

Samuel V.


I do not know, nor could I find, what warranty issues may arise through the use of this device.

So that a couple thousand model S can be seen roliing down the highway towing a Home Depot gas-electric generator? No thank you.

The battery pack is the frame and ithe car is made of aluminum. Towing is not a good idea for this type os car.

There are a couple people who have installed a tow hitch and posted about it. If I recall the range drops significantly when towing. Haven't heard anything about using to just haul around bikes.

Here is a good example of something you can tow with the third party hitch and Tesla seems to approve.

The battery case and safety frame of the car are boron steel.

Here is the post on my hitch installation with a link to pictures. I have now used it to tow a small utility trailer. No problems.

Installation information here:

and here:

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