Video Walkthrough

Key and Doors 1 minute Learn how to lock and unlock Model S using the key, open the front trunk and trunk, and remotely lower all windows.
Key and Doors 1 minute
Front Trunk, Trunk, and Rear Seats 2 minutes
Charging 3 minutes
Steering Wheel 3 minutes
Touchscreen Status Bar and Charging Menu 2 minutes
Homelink, Profiles and Bluetooth 2 minutes
Driver Controls and All Glass Panoramic Roof, Part 1 2 minutes
Driver Controls,
Part 2
2 minutes
Settings 2 minutes
Heating and Ventilation 1 minute
Introduction to Touchscreen Apps 1 minute
Media 3 minutes
Navigation 2 minutes
Energy, Web, Back-up Camera and Phone 2 minutes
Glove Compartment and Manuals 1 minute
Rear Facing Seats 4 minutes
Roof Rack Installation 4 minutes
Detailed Touchscreen Walkthrough 31 minutes

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