Tesla Vehicle Engineering

Tesla is recognized as a leader in quality and innovation for its electric powertrain engineering and battery technology. Tesla design is known for its unique refusal to compromise beauty or efficiency. Not yet widely known is Tesla’s revolutionary approach to vehicle engineering.

Tesla assembled the brightest, most-promising automotive engineers to build the Model S. They took a fresh approach to their task, without the restrictions imposed by a traditional combustion architecture. Model S development includes Alpha and Beta testing phases.The Alpha testing phase began in 2010. Tesla’s Model S Alpha builds have been designed, built, and assembled to a new standard of perfection.

Tesla’s Vice President of Vehicle Engineering, Peter Rawlinson, talks about some of the features of Model S engineering at Tesla headquarters. He discusses the advantages of designing a car from the ground using Tesla’s proven electric powertrain, and how the result will be a drive experience to surpass any that have come before it.

Be sure to stay tuned next week: the North American International Auto Show in Detroit starts on Monday.




Great videos! Thanks for sharing some engineering details



Can't wait to test drive this car. I am extremely surprised by the comments about the third row. I have no intention to use the car as a minivan but I like the idea of being able to pick up my kids and their friends at school without having to borrow the minivan. It is a great "guilt free" شركة نقل اثاث بالرياض شركة نقل اثاث بالرياض feature for many who have avoided buying a sports car because they felt it would be a selfish indulgence. It eliminates the need for a third/toy/gets never driven car. Great also for the baby boomers who want to pick up their grandkids at the airport on thanksgiving with their own car. Please keep the third row!!!


TESLA, Congratulations on your products, I cannot wait to get one as soon as they become affordable for someone like me... I am very passionate about the technology as a tech guy myself too. By the way I am driving a PRIUS now.Let me ask your engeneers a stupid question: like a cellphone can the battery be charged while in usage?if so why don't you guys take the AC current produce by the inverter and mount a supercharger in the fron trunk or use another battery pack with another inverter for the purpose of self charged while driving. Doing so the car can be self charged and go a long range. good luck guys!!!!