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40 or 85 kwh

I'm looking at a new job that would require 130 miles of driving per day. This would use up the 100,000 battery warantee within a few years. I'm trying to decide if it is worth getter the 85 kwh battery and get unlimited mileage in the 8 years, or just go with the smaller 40 kwh battery, assuming that they will need to be replaced. Does anyone have any clue what the replacement cost is?

I was planning on buying the 40kW. After the test drive, I want the performance model! I can't really justify it though. I'm retired. Car will mostly be used for grocery shopping, etc. It's a rare occasion when we drive 70 miles round trip (mostly 20-30 miles a day).

Just curious as to the demand of the various versions and whether my resale value would suffer. Not really planning on selling any time soon. But it's nice to know that you have some resale value in your car.

Any opinions?

@HenryT2: I had the same concern about wanting a performance model, so I specifically asked to test drive a non-performance car. It was an incredible drive! I'm sure you'll be perfectly happy with the non-performance car, and so will your future buyer (if you ever have the heart to actually let this car go!). I was originally planning for the 40kW, but decided on 60kW so I could use the superchargers and make longer distance road trips if we ever want to.


Like you, I am retired and don't drive a lot. Still, the performance model was awesome. I could not justify it, but then I decided, at my age, I don't have to.

I think the P is turning out to be the highest volume choice, despite expectations that the 'median' 60 would be.

clearly you'll have to locate some more distant grocery stores!

Just try to live up to your end of the Lord's Prayer line, "Lead us not into temptation." Not that the P85 is evil ... is it?

@ Brian:
"Lead us not into temptation.
But deliver us our model S"


I've heard of car of the year and man of the year, but this is getting ridiculous.

First there was the Golden Calf. Then, 3,000 years later, there was the Model S. At first, the people were delighted ...

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