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4.3 With scheduled charging. Does anyone have this yet.

Saw it here at get amped Europe. Suppost to be rolling out now

Hope it doesn't "break" anything else, like 4.2 did! "Sleep" mode re-enabled?

What is the easiest way to check? Might still be able to get into the demo car :)

I think this is the first report. Great news. You didn't happen to get a screen shot, did you?

There is a change log that you can take a picture of. I think you reach it by tapping the tesla T on top.

Yup - tap the 'T' and you'll get a pop up screen that shows the version number. Next to it should be a link for 'release notes' that you can tap.

Sorry to late, but did take some pictures and did one of the screen when hitting the Tesla T, but although the top said 4.3 the notes I believe said 4.2

Will post as soon as I get home plus the charge screen which has the timer option

Is there somewhere that details the changes in 4.3? I'd love to take a ready.



Ready == Read. Sry...

The 2 pics I took from the backseat (as I noticed the schedule option in the charge tab).


Thank you for the photos. I note that, while the title is labelled 4.3, the text refers to it being 4.2. From what I can recall of reading the release notes summary about an hour ago the summary seems to be that of 4.2 as well. I suspect that they're not quite ready with 4.3, though I really want to get the sleep mode so I hope that Tesla releases it soon.

I also noticed that. The Tesla rep said they were gradually releasing it now, but from the lack of notes I presume this is not actually the case and that they were running a pre-release...

However this makes it (more) likely that scheduled charging will be part of 4.3

Although I don't have time of day metering, I still want my car to finish charging just as I am ready to set out.

I would rather enter the finish charging time and let it start when needed to finish then. but this is still a very nice option. I think it would still have to pre-check to ensure things are connected and power is good when you plug in as if I didn't know when I plugged in and set to start charging when I am asleep, well it may be a bad surprise in the morning to find I didn't seat the charger right or other issue with power, etc...

I really like that it appears to be based on location as well. So I can tell it to charge starting at midnight at home, but it will charge immediately when out and about.
I do agree that a 'finish charge at' timer would be nice. However, a basic timer was, IMO, a critical missing feature. I am ecstatic that it appears it will be here sometime in the next few weeks. Further improvements will be nice, but not quite so critical.

Thank you for the photo

I would like to be able to program the charge to stop at any percent I choose and the time to be there: i.e. 95% at 740am.

Anyone else think that would be useful?

A start time is critical in any area where "smart" meters are installed, and in Australia these are being rolled out progressively. More than half the country is on time of day metering. The difference is from about 46 cents to 12 cents per kwh. A finish time as well as a start time is good because you may not be fully charged when the meter clicks over to the much higher rate.

@drp: no, I don't see why that would be useful, since having the car stored at the full standard charge is recommended by Tesla. Why would you ever want to charge it less?


Because full charging every day causes quicker degradation but I need the miles yet it wouldn't be "full" 100%. Full is full, standard is not. I think 95% is better

Also when the mobile connector is hooked up to the car, charging starts immediately and must be stopped from inside the car or via the remote app. I guess if you are scheduling charging anyway the first order of business will be to stop the current charging session. So a bad connection is not likely but a power failure during the schedule charge time may induce some serious range rage.

Location awareness is great!

I suspect "sleep" is incompatible with charging, but ?? It may be there, but no new "notes" written yet. Is there any button/selection for sleep now?

I bet scheduled charging is incompatible with the sleep mode.
I've noticed that even with 4.2 it stops reading temperature inside the car after a while until you turn on climate control remotely, then it starts reading it again.
If it's in a deep sleep mode, it probably won't respond to any commands until you unlock the car, or, any remote command will take the car out of the sleep mode, so it won't be able to sleep until you stop running the app on your phone.

@sergiyz - "I bet scheduled charging is incompatible with the sleep mode." Not sure I agree with you. Remember there are dozens of computers and control modules. No reason why it has to be all or nothing. Obviously the fob-sensors need to be active while in sleep mode. Potentially the charging subsystem can be powered up, while the main 17" display computer and other modules powered down.

Our LEAF auto deep sleeps when turned off. It does timed charging and cabin climate timing. I think it is doable

The Roadster does not start when you plug it in if you previously set up a sched. And it also does not have the vampire problem, and it starts charging on a set time. So they have the technology, or at least the concept.

I would like to see a finish charging time vs. start. This would let the car calculate how much time to take based off the battery level, climet control, current level. This would allow one to set a leaving time and the car would be warm or cool with battery conditioned and topped off ready to go.

A timer to wake from sleep is the simplest thing possible. It might not respond to phone commands, but scheduled charging has nothing to do with the phone.

This is great news. I imagine the timer feature will be added to the iPhone app soon as well.
I am still confused about the sleep/deep sleep thing. My car losses about 1 mile per hour in range while it sits in my garage at work. This seems like a significant loss to me and I can't figure out if I am doing something wrong or if that is just the way it is.

It's supposed to be 8 mi/day currently, and 2 mi/day when sleep is available. 1mi/hr sounds very high.

I was just told by a Tesla service representative that 1 mile per hour is normal.

Measuring the charger current at the breaker box, there is essentially no vampire load when the car is fully charged (and climate not activated). I measured between 10 ma and zero (the limit of my meter). I get 40.3A when charging starts (single charger).

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