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Anyone having trouble with Slacker recently?

For the last 2 days, the best feature on Slacker isn't doing its thing. I use the voice command and ask to play a certain song, it prompts me to that particular song but it doesn't play that exact song. It'll play a different song from the same artist. I've saved several songs on my Favorites and before, every time I would go to that song, it would play that exact song first. Now it plays a different song. For example, I added "Dance with my Father" by Luther Vandross onto my Favorites, so it would show up as "Dance with my Father Radio". So every time I choose that selection, it would play that song first. Since yesterday, when I choose the same selection, it would play a different song.

Has anyone experience this lately?

Yes! We've experienced the exact same, "lack of accuracy" over the past few days when using voice- or keypad-search. Correct song shows up (usually), but that's not the one that plays.

I too am having this issue. Called Customer care, they had no clue. It was nice while it lasted......

Yep, tried the same song several times, close but no cigar every time. Definitely not functioning as usual. How could customer service have no clue? It's the only thing that separates them from Pandora.

Other minor annoyances:

No Beatles catalog
Half of The Cars catalog unavailable.

Ditto, plus CNN not working on TuneIn

I tried rebooting the screen but that didn't work either...

According to, $3.99/month gives you Unlimited song Skips (because it keeps yielding you a wrong song for your seach),

$9.99/month gives you "Play Songs On Demand"

May be its accuracy begs your $9.99/month :)

Perhaps we're being weaned and they're a bit late with the memo.

Yup, me too! When I ask for a specific song, it shows the correct artist and song, however, ends up playing something else.

I noticed it too

Same here. Occasionally locates the song. Plays correct song maybe once every 10 attempts. I just picked up my car 2 days ago and was told by the DS that I should have free Slacker service for a few months at least.

same thing has happened to me over the past couple of days, bummer!

Yes, it finds the song, but then plays only the artist's "radio" station. I checked, and I am logged in. I'll bet it's a licensing issue: the license level TM purchases for us does not support individual tracks on demand, and Slacker recently discovered this.

Same here....just noticed it over the past 2-3 days. What a drag. I used to show that off to everyone when I first game them the "tour" of the car.

I'm having the same issue. I hope they fix it because it was one of my favorite features in the car.

I signed up for Slacker Premium and at least I'm able to access songs directly via playlist. Not as convenient as searching for them on demand though.

Just received my Model S two days ago, and thought I was going nuts. Having this same problem, dammit. Was really looking forward to taking turns requesting specific songs with the family on road trips.

Yes! I was really disappointed. Took delivery Friday and I can't request a specific song. What's the deal?

I just experienced this problem for the first time last night. That's too bad, I loved that feature and it was great to show off to people when I was giving them a tour of the car - even though it really has nothing to do with Tesla. Maybe we have all been downgraded to Slacker standard since we aren't paying for it.

@eltonf, you say that you are paying for Slacker Premium but you still don't get to pull up a song on demand? If that's true, that seems to contradict the description on Slacker's website. I might have even been willing to pay $10/month for the on-demand listening.


Did you enter your $9.99/month Premium private e-mail and password into the slacker app in the 17" console?

If you did not, then the app defaults to a preset Tesla-email and password which is absolutely NOT $9.99/month Premium for "Play Songs On Demand"

Same here. It's been a little embarrasing when I ask someone to "pick a song, any song" and Slacker ends up playing something different. Has anyone switched their account to the $9.99 premium and if so, do you have full functionality?

It did this once before and repaired itself. However this has gone on longer than previous.

Maybe a TM issue, not Slacker. Seems to be rather general.

I purchased the $9.99 premium account and entered that login info into my Model S, replacing the default account. Even with that account I am unable to play songs on demand when using search. I am able to play songs on demand from playlists I create via the web or my iPhone though.

TM looking into it.

I have the same issue and the kiddos don't understand why the car no longer plays "Gangnam Style" on demand. While I see this particular use case as a minor win for me, I would like to get the overall feature back. :-)


You may be one of the extreme few for which the loss of service is a blessing ;)

(Gangnam more time!)

TM did it. Slacker is innocent!


Logical deduction. All are affected, and account upgrade doesn't work.

@Brian H: Actually quite the opposite I suspect. Searches return the correct results, which come from Slacker, and the request to play the selected track goes back to Slacker via an API, but Slacker (the authority on which song plays) is ultimately deciding not to play the requested song. There's about zero chance that the Model S is requesting a song that is not the one selected from the list of search results.

We are all speculating, of course, but there is logic to what scriptacus is saying. I suspect it is a licensing or account profile change on Slacker's side. They are "slacking"!

I hope this gets resolved quickly. My multi-coat red is scheduled for delivery in <2 weeks, and this is the second most exciting and anticipated feature for my young kids (the rear facing seats are on the top of the list).

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