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Barstow Supercharger enhancement supplies may have been sighted

Currently at the Barstow supercharger enroute from LA to LV. There are two huge wooden boxes (10'x7'x4') with Tesla stencils on them in the parking lot by the 4 existing 90 kw suoercharger stalls. No idea what's in the boxes but the bill of lading attached to one of the boxes says it is 6400 lbs. Not sure if that would be the equipment needed to increase the 90kw chargers to 120kw or add more stalls or both but these seem almost certain to represent good times ahead:-)

Cool, thanks for the investigation.

I heard it is two portable 110kW chargers until they can build a canopy with 8 new stalls.

Source: TMC Indio or St. George Supercharger thread. Can't recall which.

I'll be thru there next week, we'll check it out and report.

Maybe static storage units?

I heard 1.21 JigaWatt (sic) flux capacitors

I was there Tuesday morning and Thursday morning and saw the two crates off to the side. Took a photo then went to eat. No other Teslas there going and 2 other Teslas there coming back. Times were around 10:40.

Also there was a white Tesla in the left stall with initals of name and Tesla. The initials matched my initials. So I guess that means I can't use that plate.

Didn't you have a screwdriver?

@kimscar: that was you, from the future.

Would those boxes not be batteries (stationary storage) to cut off the amperage during peak demand? Like those in J.B's slides at that energy convention.

Cut off the amp demand from the grid during peak that is, instead pulling amp from the batteries

I was told by a Tesla person who would know that they are temporary chargers to hold over until the permanent addition (a total of 8 stalls) is complete.

I charged there on 7/31 & 8/5. Other than the crates there was no activity.

@mrspaghetti. :) I would be surprised if me from future. I like bright colors and car with my initials was white.

Sorry didn't have a screwdriver to open crates.

@Kimscar - I would be surprised if me from future. I like bright colors and car with my initials was white.

Yes, but that's until you were held hostage in a tie-dyed shirt factory and fed only Skittles for some period between 2016 and 2021. Your future self hates bright colors.

Installation people were busy working on the site today.

@orb - That might explains why I saw a white MS on a trailer off to the side of the 4 stalls with nobody around while I was charging in the mid afternoon of August 5th.

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