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Be careful of doors not locking

To say I love my Mode S 60 is an understatement , I drive mine everyday and I walk away with
Confidence that the doors will lock automatically EXCEPT for the other night. It appears a rear door
Was not closed completely, I left in in a public lot for about 1 hr as I returned and approached the car I could see the
Handles out and lit! I tried locking with the key fob and the car would not lock after several tries and getting worried
That I had a problem. I finally found the passenger side rear door not completely shut evidently this causes the
Car to NOT LOCK,
The essence of this story , I can no longer walk away without checking that door lock has occurred
And #2 Tesla should allow the locks to lock even if a door may not be completely latched ,

I could have easily suffered a loss, thankfully no one was around to screw with it.

Had that happen at home when I came home and plugged it in for charging. Few hours when I went back out to get something from the car it was on!

In public places I usually check with the app to see if it is locked after a few minutes. Call me paranoid.

You're paranoid, but it doesn't mean your car isn't out to get you.

The title should say "make sure to shut your doors". Your title makes it seem as if there is a car issue when in all reality it's user error.

Even after 8 months, I still don't trust the auto locking feature - call me paranoid:-)

I ALWAYS press the lock button on the fob when I walk away and I turn around to makes sure that the door handles retract. Somehow it feels wrong to just walk away from the car without acknowledgement:-)

I agree ^^, there should be a option to have the lights flash once locked. I am surprised it does not have that.

I see a flash after locking.
At least I used to. I don't hang around and wait and watch anymore.

Lights do flash when the car locks but good advice to check the doors. Happened to me the other day when I took some people out to lunch.

They should change the app so that the car can track the driver, so if someone enters the car and the driver is a distance away, then it calls up the driver. :)

You may have a bad door handle? i had several 'self-opening doors'

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