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Bizarre, awesome side effect of 5.8.8?

So I was showing off my car on Tuesday, and the balloon squeal was as obvious as it's always been (approaching 12k miles since last April, VIN 83XX). However, with the 5.8.8 update late Wednesday night, the squeal is gone, replaced instead with very quiet Jetson's-like electric car sound. while it's possible it's coincidence, if it's not then this is what's obscenesly cool about Model S. It doesn't just get better, it gets better remotely, overnight.

Could anyone else--ideally with a 60 that had the squeal--confirm that 5.8.8 did indeed fix the squeal?

Technically, if they now know what the issue is, it might be possible to alter some parameters, to achieve this. But, it could also be a coincidence, as temperature can have an effect.

Lesser V builds are affected by temps and moisture in terms of sound, regen intensity, etc. High end builds not so much, but can be to a degree. Hard
to say. Observe and update, so we know.

Lesser EV builds (motors and drive inverters)..

I just had my annual service done and they forced 5.8.8 to fix an issue I had with the energy saving mode. My squeal is still there when I accelerate hard.

Hmmm, if you don't stomp on the pig then it won't squeal, will it?

Like a popular Guido character used to say, "Take it easy. My hair, my hair, he touched my hair!"

@Mathew98 Saturday Night Fever?

The squeal is gone too from my S85. Service center couldn't explain how they made it go away, whether it was 5.8.8 or something they accidentally fixed when doing other service like the 12V.

Sounds like 5.8.8 could be the culprit. Maybe they tuned the inverter control firmware.

Nope. My S60 still squeals after the update.

Good news that the squeal is gone, and if 5.8.8 did indeed fix it, then it is also good that Tesla is hiring Apple employees. The down side would be if they ever hired from Microsoft or Oracle...the world would likely explode!

That's all we need, the Blue-Car-Of-Death.

With my recent 5.8.8 squeal is gone too
I can still hear it tiny bit at very max acceleration, but the sound is a lot quieter than it used to be
It's completely gone under all other conditions

The side effect in my case is different though
I'm now getting 287whm on the same commute from previous 400+
Yes, the temperatures are now in 30s vs 20s, but my car is always in heated garage (60F) at least 3-4 spontaneous loss of squeal occurrences! And Andrey, my wh/m is way down as well. Hope they didn't throttle back the power to solve the problem! Conspiracy theorists...have at it! :-)

Yeah, but you'd feel it only in top-end, when you floor it
For 20-40Kw driving style, it's really just better consumption than it was pre 5.8.8

I implemented 5.8.8 last night and noticed immediately with my first highway merge how much quieter my drive was this morning. The squeal appears to have been muted and I arrived at work with 7 additional miles of range more than usual too! P85+ 8K miles.

my car still squeals. we call him Ned...

Not Wilbur? LOL

or Tessie?

I still have the squeal.

It comes from different parts of the car - coincident with where my wife is sitting.

Only happens when I am driving.

So - I didn't think it was possible to do something about the squeal by software short of limiting acceleration - which would lead to a much louder squeal of a different kind, I'm sure!
Today, I tested it.
On the first "flooring", there was silence until about 45mph (unusual, because it used to set in immediately), but then it squealed. The note was slightly different from the usual one.
But then I tried it three more times, and there was nothing but silence!
WTH!!! How can that be?
I haven't timed the acceleration, but without clocking it, at first glance it feels pretty much the same as always, so no fear there.
But there is definitely a change, coincidental or not.

S60 #092xx-squeal seems to be gone after 5.8.8 update.

OK, there is definitely something up with this new upgrade! I did my regular drive today, one that for a year now has taken me back home with just about 315 Wh/mile. This is pretty much reflected in the car's lifetime average usage, because this is my most regular drive. Lifetime: 315.
Tonight, I got home with 290 Wh/mile showing. The drive was not different from every other day - at least not in a substantive way.
Is that possible? An 8% efficiency improvement with a software tweak? A friend of mine theorized that they might have fine-tuned the output frequency, and that the reduced/disappeared squeal might indicate that the output frequency now is cleaner. This, in turn, might also account for greater efficiency.
Does that sound plausible?


A more straightforward and more likely explanation is they simply reduced the power slightly.

Seems to be gone in my S85 too, or at least gone until I am hitting max draw--will need to test a bit more tomorrow.


My car has had 5.8.8 for a while and it still sounds the same (cool electric whine) when I stomp on the Go pedal. P85+ VIN ~16K

They may have altered the chopping frequency in the inverter.
The squeal comes from the large current running through the ferrite coils in the inverter. change the chopping frequency and you will push it out of audible range.

pretty cool that can even alter firmware deep in the bowels of the machine.

What is the chopping frequency?

OK, got a chance to drive over familiar roads today with 5.8.8 and I can attest no more whine during hard acceleration.




'What is the chopping frequency? '

Chopping frequency is determined by how quickly you want your salad.

....sorry, couldn't resist.... back to my corner

Just wondering - anyone else experience the efficiency gain? Did the change affect every MS? That would be really neat!

@NoVinNoMore, yes...significant gain in efficiency here, no obvious loss of power

@SDT, Let it go man. Let it go.

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