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Boise, Idaho owners

I truly feel like a pioneer here in southern idaho as the nearest service station is in Portland and I get mixed views when I talk to people about electric vehicles...then I show them the car and they are blown away. It's fun to be an ambassador for tesla here in Idaho but it's not too fun being alone. Any other owners out there from the Boise area?

Portland, Oregon, or Portland, Maine? :D

APU, you are not alone in Boise. I have a P85 got it in December 2012. Service is enabled out of Seattle service center for me. They are pretty responsive and have answered several questions. Sharing the Tesla experience in idaho has been a been fun. Almost a test ride every day so far. Lets meet up sometime.

APU, let me know what is the best way to contact you, I am in NE Boise. Ranger has visited Boise a few weeks ago and put the carbon fiber spoiler on my car.


That's disconcerting about the service. I have an on and off again passenger door handle issue and they have known about it for about 5 weeks. I wish they would have coordinated service stops. They did come out a week after I got the car for the same issue which was cool.

I took it to the Bronco fest car show for fun last weekend. That was fun to show the car off.

APU: Bronco Fest Car show must have been fun. Surely you had the most novel car there! Since this is a public forum, it may be best for you to contact me via LinkedIn or Facebook (Kunal Parekh) and we can exchange contact information privately. Else if you know how to send a private message on this forum, you can send me the information that way too.

Looking forward to talking to you.

Any Boise area owners interested in meeting up for coffee sometime?

I don't have a Tesla, but I do drive a conversion electric every day to work.

If either of you would like, I would love to see a Tesla some day and get a ride in one. I also put together an Alternative Transportation fair each year at HP that draws about 2 dozen vehicles of various types. I will be trying to get a Tesla to the show next year (June). It would definitely be the star of the show!


I have to drive through Boise on my way to eastern Idaho near the Grand Teton mountains (visit parents once or twice per year)

I am looking forward to those Superchargers being installed in eastern Oregon and along I-84 in southern Idaho. I don't believe the trip is even remotely possible right now, even if there were a few HPWC locations at 80 amps.

Great to see Boise owners. I grew up in just North of you. I have a P85 in Logan, UT. My service center is now Las Vegas, but Salt Lake will have one soon. Just drove through Boise last week. Had to stop at RV parks to charge. Will be so nice to have some superchargers along I-84.


This is Jim Smart. I attempted to attend the meeting in Boise, Idaho Saturday night (09-21-2013) @ 19:30. I could not as the meeting was down stairs and I use a wheelchair for mobility. Hotel 43 has to my knowledge only one room that is not wheelchair accessible; why was the meeting held here?

I want to know if it is company policy to hold events in places that are not wheel chair accessible or just the club here in Boise. Apple came and used the same room to hire their store employees. Is this a trend: Companies from California come to Boise and have meetings where people in wheelchairs are not allowed to attend? One could conceive of a lawsuit had that been done there in California.

Jim Smart
208 409 5092

Jim, sorry to hear about your experience. The room was actually to small for all the people there. They could have easily booked a larger room. I can't speak for TM but my opinion is that they weren't sure how many would show up and were surprised. They may have been trying to save money. Boise is a VERY small market but hopefully not for long.

My experience with Tesla is that they will always make things right. Shoot an email to the RM in Portland. He may have something to say about it.

Did u sign up to test drive last Sunday?

@jamesM, other tesla owners driving through Boise. Till we have the supercharger or alternate high power chargers, I am happy to provide plug in at my home if we can pre arrange. We have 50amp service. So cars can charge at about 31miles of range per hour.

On a different note APU is correct, tesla has been very responsive to our feedback. Ownership experience in Boise has been fantastic regardless of the distance from service centers or supercharger network.

@miken I am happy to give you a ride sometime and attend the alternate transportation fair.

@Kunal, please add your info to the Plugshare map. I will likely try to get my Model S to eastern Idaho (Grand Teton area) in the summer of 2014 because there is a wedding and many extended family members will be there.

I am hoping that at least one Supercharger is on I-84 by next summer to make this easier. There are 4 grey dots along my route. If any single dots comes online, that will dramatically improve the possibility of this working within a reasonable time frame.

My total trip will be about 800 miles. There is one Supercharger along the way at the 100 miles mark, so I can easily top off there.

Then the distance between that Supercharger and Boise is 400 miles. The map has all of the eastern Oregon and Idaho Superchargers as grey dots for "2014". I don't need all 4 to be operational. But if two of them were online, that would likely make this possible as a one day trip.

With an ICE I can easily do 800 miles in a single day. I might have to plan for an overnight somewhere with the Model S and let it fully recharge on a NEMA 14-50.

I live in Twin Falls. Love my Tesla. Have family and grandkids I would love to drive up and visit in Boise. Anyone interested in a charger swap. From my home in east Twin Falls, you can drive to a townhouse I own in Logan Utah. Then on to Salt Lake City. I drive to Logan all of the time. Can't quite make it to Boise and back, though. If you are interested, contact me here, or at I would make my charger(s) available on a trade-for-trade basis anytime. CLEVE

If cars are making their way to Idaho it seems like the Tesla team would notice it in the charging data and prioritize connecting Idaho with the rest of the network.

From day one, we have been strategizing about Boise. My spouse worked with a chip company (not Potato) when we reserved the car and he was doing a mega commute from the Seattle area to Boise.

That expedition is no more, but I still have things I want to do in that region. I have deep roots there that I want to explore.

I would like to drive from Seattle to Sun Valley to vistit my daughter. So I'll add my vote for superchargers along the road to Boise.

I just signed up on Plugshare to get the word out that I am willing to exchange chargers. Any Boise Tesla owners, this makes it possible for you to get to Salt Lake City if you also go to my charger in Logan, Utah. Hoping for some responses.

@Cleveprivate, I just returned from a trip to Fruitland, ID. I live in Logan, UT. Have stopped at an RV park to charge, but takes too long. Do you have a HPWC at your place? I have one in Logan. Someone told me they saw a white Tesla in Logan. Is that you?

Funny now that I know who "isom" is. I just drove down from Boise to Logan Utah to get OptiCoat Pro, and my car got charged at isom's HPWC, even though he was out of town, basically on the opposite trip I was taking. Nice to email with you, although we didn't get to meet directly. I just added my 14-50 on Plugshare this past weekend as well.

Yeah, the RV park experience is...doable...but not great. I stayed at Anderson Campground, and did one overnight car camping, but then on the way back, they let me do a 4 hour afternoon for $12, which was pretty good. They do have free wi-fi, which is nice.

Patiently waiting for the supercharger stations. It looks like on the supercharger map that they might be located in Burley/Rupert area and Idaho Falls with one located near Boise or Ontario, Oregon. Any thoughts? I'd love to see one in the Burley area. That would make my trip from Meridian, ID to Ogden easier. I also travel to Island park a few times a year and the one in Idaho Falls would be nice there.

I can see two sides of that. My first thought would be that it would be in Twin Falls, rather than Burley, just because there is a lot more there. However, Twin Falls is noticeably several miles off the interstate, so perhaps Burley would be the more convenient spot for dropping off and then back on the highway.

There are several Tesla Model S owners in Boise now. And many of us would like to be able to make the trip to SLC or to PDX and willing to help those who want to visit Boise or pass through.

I think slowness is still a point. isom and cleveprivate have HPWC, but I still don't know of any in Boise that have HPWC. We can offer our 14-50 outlets, but it's still just as slow as campgrounds, so the hours difficulty is still there.

I rountinely drive my model s between portland and baker city--304 miles. Have driven baker to portland on one charge, and now with the dalles on line it is an easy one day trip.

I just put in an 80 Watt charger in baker city, so if anyone wants to use it, it is available 24-7.

With about 2 hours of charging in baker city, should make the dalles, and with 15 or 20 min in the dalles, should take you to portland. (Total travel and charging time boise to portland under 10 hours.

Call me for location Richard Haynes 503-886-9566

@empathyom, that is really cool. I live in Boise, and the route to Portland is still pretty difficult. Could you clarify about the type and power level of the charger? 80 watts doesn't make sense. Did you mean 80 amps, like a Tesla high power wall charger or 80 amp J1772 charger? Also, if you are willing, it would be really helpful to add your charger to the listings on It's a map that shows charging resources. I have mine listed there in Boise.

Yes. Rocky_H. It is a tesla high powered wall charger wired to an 100 amp circuit. It charges at 80 amps 232 volts. I left it on my model s for 15 minutes and it got up to 56 mph, it should go a little higher maybe 58 or 59.

I will put it on plug share. Not sure how, but will figue it out when i get some time.

Call me if you want

Rich. Haynes. 503 886 9566

Maybe Micron could sponsor some Clipper Creek CS-100s in Boise.
Perhaps some other local businesses would be interested in installing them to attract traffic.

The new facility where my Spouse is now working put in two of the CS-100 80A chargers. They support all EVs with a J1772. Teslas pop in all the time to use them because the downtown chargers are so slow (Aerovironment). The CS-100 are the fastest free public chargers in the area.

It seems like Boise would be a town for overnighters. A hotel or restaurant in the area would certainly benefit from the initial investment and a throwing in couple dollars worth of electricity a night. It is business they would not get otherwise. I certainly would have stopped in by now.

@empathyom, cool. I figured that was it, but was making sure. Plugshare is really handy. People can view all the public chargers without an account on the Plugshare site, but to view the details of people's home chargers, or to add a home charger, you do have to go ahead and create an account. Oddly enough, it is now becoming more feasible to do these trips, but I do not have the second charger in my car to really take advantage of any more than 40 amps. I know about 3 or 4 other Tesla owners in Boise, too, and I don't think any of them have dual chargers.

@Cap'n Zap, Hmm, I might mention it to a couple of the hotels that are along I-84. Yeah, the Clipper Creek units would be a good plan.


Tell me which ones and I'll call them a bit later and ask if they have EV charging. ;-)

I think Tesla might have a special for HPWC's for hotels too. I've heard about a two-for-one or free promos. IIRC, Bighorn mentioned a contact for that.

Many establishments are more amenable to the Clipper Creek 80A because all EVs can use them.

But AFAIK only the Teslas can make full use of the 70-80 amps, right?

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