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brown metallic paint with black leather interior?

I was wondering if anyone has ordered brown paint with a black leather interior.

I like the brown color, but the most natural choice for the interior with this color, Tesla's very light tan, is a bit too light for my taste.
Plus, I have young kids so I'd prefer a darker interior. So I'm wondering how the less orthodox brown/black pairing would look. I haven't
seen this pairing in any of the photos I've looked at. Maybe that should tell me something, but I'm curious to hear other opinions.

I think it would look great. Tan would look good too. The only bad combination would be grey and brown.

It would look great! Love the combo

Great color combo..

That combo sounds great!
Only two reasons I can't use it:

1. I live in Florida; too hot
2. I've already finalized with the tan interior; seems boring by comparison now.

Would you wear black pants with brown shoes?

This was my initial design. Having a younger child was the driver for the black interior. Go for it. I think it'll look great.

lajollan, for the win...Black and Brown don't mix.

From what I've seen on the forums you and I may be the only purchasers of the brown exterior. I wanted the 2013 Red, but wasn't willing to wait for it at the time that I had to finalize my configuration (first delivery of Red was speculative at that time and some Tesla folks thought that it might be as late as summer 2013).

Black pants with brown shoes? Yes, it is fashionable , and I even do it from time to time. I went with the light tan interior, which is most complimentary to the brown exterior. I suspect that the black interior will work as well. See you on the road.


Jdmajsm this combo will look just fine. It was the exact config I had before changing to Tan leather. Here's the thing, black interior actually shows MORE dirt than any other. After years of going with black interior, my current car has tan leather and my wife still has black interior. Every speck of dirt, dead skin, crumbs, etc. is highly visible with the black interior. The inevitable fading of black leather is also more maintenance intensive and noticeable. The black interior also does not look nearly as spacious as the tan or other lighter color. These interior surfaces are also very easy to wipe clean so keeping my current tan interior clean has been a breeze. We all wish the Tan was darker, but IMO it is the best compliment (along w/ Obeche Gloss) to the Brown exterior. Try it in your My Tesla Garage, you'll see the Brown/tan combo produces a very nice contrast compared to the Brown/black combo.

Hope this helps.
Brown, tan leather, ob gloss
60kWh w/ ALL options

add me to the brown exterior bunch. hopefully that doesn't put us last in the batch since it's not one of the popular colors. It's a beauty though.

Brown, tan leather, ob gloss
85kWh, 19", all options except shelf, armor and twin chargers

ETA Feb/March

I have brown with black on my Model S. It's not a very popular scheme, but I like it a lot. You can think of the black interior as complementing the black exterior accents, especially if you have the grey wheels. Quite honestly though, when I'm inside the car, I don't really see the exterior, and when I'm outside the car, my attention isn't drawn to the interior.

Also, if it matters, keep in mind that the black interior is really more like a dark grey.

Don't listen to some of the fashion-challenged members above, black in brown will look great!

Post pictures once you get your car!

Thanks everyone for all your helpful comments - what a great forum. I like the proof of concept photos Schlermie posted! Schlermie, do you have any photos posted online of your car? I'd love to see it.

I also take rbgil770's point about the advantages of tan - I think tan is a great option with the brown exterior. I just really like the black interior.

I'll give this some more thought, and depending on how brave I am (I have some nagging worries
that there may be something to what lajolian and TheAustin write) will either go for the riskier brown/black combination, or else stick with my second choice which I'm sure will look great and
seems very popular, grey exterior, black leather interior.

brown or grey
black leather interior
85 kWh
tech package
air suspension


FYI, I am Brown, Tan. Seriously though, even though the majority says brown/black is great, think of how many times you have seen that color combo in a car. If for no other reason than resale value, please consider tan interior. I drove brown, tan Model S and it is very classy.

I'm Brown w/ black leather, finalized months ago. Glad to hear that there are others who are going with the Brown. I think it is a good looking and unique color.

I'm curious. Has anyone with a brown exterior got their car yet?

I posted a few pictures on the TMC site:

I don't have anything showing the interior AND exterior in the same shot.

This is my interior scheme though (again, black with brown):

My wife & I are having the same debate. We both think the brown color is very unique & beautiful, but she's leaning brown/tan, while I'm thinking brown/black.

For what it's worth, Fendi designed a Maserati using its own color scheme (only a $65,000 upgrade!). Fendi created a brown exterior color which I think is pretty close to Tesla's brown. They paired it with a black interior which I think looks amazing:



Rick Ganzi

Sorry, used BBCode for the pictures. Let me try it with HTML:

Rick Ganzi

I'm a La Jollan who is waiting for brown/black combo!!! i prefer the black to the tan interior with obeche matte.

Ok, Ok, all you guys and gals can go out dancing in your brown socks and black shoes!

BTW, the Maserati has cupholders in the back...! *scnr*

At the expense of a 3rd seat. Can do the same in an S with the divider.

Schlermie, thanks for the photos. Your car looks great. I ended up finalizing with the grey ext/black int, though looking at the photo RG posted, I kind of regret not going for the brown/black.

I need the silver due to ease of upkeep (silver doesn't show dirt as much as the other colors do), but I love the brown (Ok, I pretty much love all of the Tesla colors). Although I never would have thought of pairing brown with a black interior, I think it would actually look fabulous - a little edgy, but still elegant. There is a difference between black socks with brown shoes (no), and an all-black outfit with a rich brown coat (yes!).

My current car has a black interior, and even though I live in a part of the Bay Area that rarely gets above 78 degrees, the car can get really hot. But with the ability to pre-cool the car before getting in, that might not be as much of a problem with the S.

Brown with black interior for me. Finalized last month. I think it will look great. Very excited to see it in person!

Great looking car Schlermie!


That's the best photo of the Brown I've seen. I hope it's accurate as seen on my computer screen.

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