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Center display frozen - reset options?

After 4 days of usage, my center display is frozen and I can't figure out a way to reset it. I already found the hint about pressing both of the top buttons on the steering wheel but that resets the main display / instrument cluster, not the center display.

Any ideas?

They have shared this information at
Their forums are searchable.

If I recall you need to press and hold both the left and right scrolls.

All I could find is how to reboot the instrument cluster not the center display:

Could you point me to something else?

I think I found it:

"I learned something cool today.

How do you reset the main display if it locks up?
Press and hold both steering wheel buttons simultaneously to reset/reboot the main display."

Found it: hold both scroll wheel buttons down resets the center panel, hold both top buttons down resets the main display.


Sorry, didn't see the double post.

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