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Charging at Best Western in Porterville, CA

Before heading down to Porterville, i checked with Best Western about charging our S. They indicated we were the first such request and they would check in to it. I got a phone call a bit later indicating they found an outlet we could use.
On arrival we found the one outlet they thought would work was not live. They politely asked us to wait a bit while they looked for another source. Then they told us we could park in front of their office entrance and plug in there, providing lighting and a bit more security. We did so and the young man helping us asked if he could sit in the car- which of course we invited him to do- he was jaw dropping impressed and delighted just to sit in the car and poke at the 17" screen. We have been here over the weekend and have been getting delighted questions from folks down here who have never seen such a car.
We have been treated really well by the staff and if this is typical of Best Western, they will see us again.
Even if they could at present only offer us 110V charging, our stay has been fine. Maybe we need to alert both motel operators and EV drivers so the demand goes up and the supply is enhanced. Happy trails. Next stop, Harris Ranch to fill up and head home.

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