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Cincinnati Ohio Connection

Cincinnati Ohio Connection

Cincinnati Ohio, Mason Ohio ,Blue Ash Ohio Tesla Club

1. Did you get your High Power Wall Connector yet? If not what did you get installed?
2. Who installed it?
3. Price?

4. Did you get the Supercharger option since we don't really live in a Supercharger area?

5. Did you prepay for maintenance ?
6. Did you get ranger service or will you just go to Columbus Service Center? Will Columbus have a Supercharger?
7. Are there only 3-4 Tesla Model S potential owners in the Cincinnati area?

If these questions have been answered ... Sorry I could not find them.
Please answer with a link. (if you have it)

The family would appreciate it.

@RacerX - nobody has prepaid for maintenance, since Tesla hasn't offered it yet.

Presumably you are considering the 60kWh version or you wouldn't be asking about whether to get the Supercharger hardware installed. I think eventually, assuming Tesla does well, the entire US will be covered with a network of Superchargers 150-200mi apart. Note that this spacing is designed for 85kWh cars, so you would have to charge longer at each stop and you might find some gaps that will require charging between Superchargers, particularly in cold weather (consider the NE superchargers at 200mi apart).

Yes getting the 60kWh version.

Seems that there are so few owners potential owners in Cincinnati. Feeling like we will be on an island here in Ohio.
Translation may be the last to get supercharger coverage.

All the action seemed to be in CA. East coast and Houston Texas. These places are already having club meetings,delivery parties and problem solving.

Thanks for you info. RacerX

Not quite Cincinnati, but in Columbus. Going to go pick my P85 up at 4pm today! I have noticed that quite a few cars have shown up at the Columbus SS in the past few weeks. Not sure how many are actually staying in the Ohio area, but I do know that a gentlemen is picking his up earlier today from Dayton. I tried to get a Central Ohio group together, but not much response. Maybe an Ohio group?

As per your questions,

I installed a 14-50 NEMA receptacle as well as installed an additional line with a 100amp fuse for the HPWC when it arrives.

I had my wifes uncle install it as he is a certified electrician. I had a sub-panel installed in my garage as my fuse box was in my basement. All the equipment (100 ft of wire, 2 receptacles, fuse box, fuses and other mounting equipment) cost about 400 dollars. It took the better part of 8 hours to install. He said he would have charged someone (not family) around 1200 dollars to do the work.

I did prepay for maintenance. I am not sure about a supercharger in columbus ss but will check today. No ranger service as the columbus ss is only 10 miles from my house.

I hope this helps. Good luck

I'm more than interested to start an Central Ohio or Ohio group. I'm located North of Dayton in Englewood. Will be visiting the service center for a door handle issue within the next week or so. I'd be interested if they have HPWC charging at the service center for general use. Will be traveling for son's Spring baseball and may need a quick charge to make it home.

Email me if your interested in starting an Ohio group.

My HPWC is available for anyone that needs it. Email me for details.


Hi there,

Just picked up my green 85 from the Dublin (Columbus) service center yesterday and drove it back up to Toledo. Dave the service manager was very friendly and professional. So far so good.

Don't know of any others in the Toledo area, yet, but there were several Tesla's waiting for delivery at the service center, so our numbers will be growing.


Congrats JayFrost you must be very happy.
One of the Happiest People in Ohio.
Have Fun.

JayFrost Thanks for sharing your info. I will see what the electrical people in Cincinnati charge to install for the Trsla Model S. Just want to be ready when the car arrives for the family.
Hope there are more Cincinnati Tesla's coming soon.

I'm hoping Ohio grows significantly to get a couple Superchargers in the coming years towards the North and South. My electrician charged about $960 with $500 for the install plus parts approximately $460 in wire, box and breaker.

1) installed 14-50
2) I took care of the install
3) $220 for 75' of 6-3 wire, breaker, plug, conduit, and hangers.

4) yes on 85 With the assumption I will most likely need it when driving outside of Ohio since I will do most charging for in state driving at home.

5) delivery window is this month. I am still on the fence for pre-paying

6) I will probably drive to Columbus. I can always find something to do there to kill the time while the car is being serviced. Columbus is on the map for a Supercharger, but no definite time at this point. It won't likely be located at the service center but instead at a more "traveler friendly" location.

7) I live in the Dayton area.

I'm in Englewood, send me an email if you have any questions. I've had my car since November got the HPWC about two weeks ago. Absolutely love it!

Anyone interested in starting an Ohio group, get a business card made up for the purpose, and hand a box over to the Service Center, and ask them to pass them out with deliveries and service calls. Can't hurt!

Kent thanks for the charging offer.

Looks like Columbus and Dayton have the most Tesla's in Ohio so far.
(From this straw poll here).

Should the Ohio group meet in Columbus since they have service center?
Start as informal gathering at a mall? Restaurant?
Never had to start a Owners group just joined.


Hi all,

Well I picked up my p85 last night and all I can do is smile!. I have tried to put together the Ohio group on the Tesla Motor Club forums. I am in Columubs. I know Dave (sc manager)is a fan of Gallos Pit BBQ which is just a short drive to the Service Center. (Full disclosure - I own part of the BBQ) But we could always set a meet up there. Its located on 161 a couple miles east of Sawmill Rd.

I would love to get together and share stories and trade tips.

I live in Grandview and have a 14-50 installed until I receive my HPWC if anyone needs a quick fill up. Also there are good charging stations at Easton Mall in the garage.



We live in Cincinnati (West Chester) and we will take delivery of a P85 in April-May. Planning on having the 14-50 service installed in the next month or so in preparation for delivery. Since delivery is a ways off, I have not decided on the pre-paid service. Can't wait to drive the car in the area and stir up some more business for Tesla!

We winter in FL and there is a very strong FL owners club. They attend car shows in mass, take trips, share ideas, but they also share their locations and invite other FL members to stop by for a charge with advance notice. Great group of folks and I know the Ohio folks will be the same. Put me down as interested in any sort of Ohio or SW Ohio Group.

I should be getting a service date to install my new door handle. Love to have lunch when I'm over with other owners or soon to be owners. I will post when I get my appointment date and hopefully we can start an Ohio group.

I would enjoy speaking with owners in ohio and the greater cincinnati area. My Model S should be produced some time end of March first part of April. I have been told by my friends they seen a white and a black Model S in the Maderia Indian hill area. I live in the same area. Can't wait to see those cars. Count me in for the Ohio group.

Hello all again. I have set up a facebook page for us to use to start to organize our group. I am looking for any input or help. Please feel free to contact me through the facebook page.

The page is


Hello all,

I am so excited to see so many Ohio Tesla owners and future owners. I am also excited to see how many of you are interested in talking with others bout your Tesla. Jason +1 on the facebook page I think it is a great way to organize a group. Count me in!

I have had my 60 for about 2 weeks now and like so many of you I have been overwhelmed by the response. My weekends have been full of scheduled times to show others the car. Through these endeavors, I have come into contact with many interesting people.

One of these people is Bill Spratley. He is CEO of green energy Ohio (GEO), a non profit aimed at promoting sustainable energy in Ohio. He is blown away by Tesla and plans to feature the vehicle in an upcoming publication. I have agreed in to participate in an event he is holding May 17-18 in Dublin. While still in the planning phases, it is designed to be a cruise-in event featuring EV and clean fuel vehicles as well as companies that work with solar power and other clean energy sources. I would love NOT to be the only Tesla there! I think that the timing of this event and its location (dublin country club and Dublin Jerome High school) make this an ideal opportunity to organize a Meeting of the Ohio Tesla Motor Club. We would have to opportunity not only to share tips with each other but talk to other EV owners and interetsed parties as well as network with other organizations.

I will cross post this on the facebook page (Thanks again Jason). but would love to hear from any and all interested parties wether you have your car, will have your car, still waiting or undecided. Send me a message @ and I will keep you posted as to the progress and organization of the event. If anybody has any ideas or wants to help that would be great too!


First time poster. More of a reader.
I have VIN 2554 and got a P85 white delivered on Jan 8th.
I live in Ft Thomas and had a house built and had them run a 14-50 line to the garage as the house was built.
Three weeks after having the car, I was backed into in the parking garage at work and sustained a slight dent to the drivers side back bumper (just under charge port). Right after that I started having electrical issues on the whole driver side (door handles not working, windows not working, charge port not working). All random and sometimes would start working. Anyway, took the car up to the Columbus Service Center, the day after they opened (first client)! Scott and Dave are wonderful. In turn had my work body work done at Rife's Auto Body in Columbus. Pick up the car on Friday (I miss her dearly). Driving a Ford Fusion as a ain't no Tesla!
Tesla says the fixed the mechanical issues with a Firmware Update.
Anyway, just wanted to let you know that there's another Cincinnati Tesla owner out there.
I would potentially be interested in a motor club.
If you don't have your car prepared to answer a lot of questions. People just love the car.
Glenn - I might the white car you've seen. I work in the Kenwood area, so I'm in the area.

Anyway, sorry the comments are short and choppy.



Sorry to hear about the accident. I dread the day that I have to let go of my car. Dave is an awesome guy, but Scott left Tesla last Friday. I can only think of the amount of work Dave is having to do. Lets hope they get some more help there soon.


Once again can't wait to take delivery. It is nice to know the Columbus service center is open. If anyone wishes to contact me, my office # is 513. 247.0030. My email address is I live in the Maderia area and my office is in Blue Ash. If anyone needs a charge I have a 150 amp 220 volt service at my office and I am just off I-275 at Reed Hartman or I-71 and Montgomery Rd. My office address is 11541 Goldcoast Drive off of E Kemper Rd. If you know where Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy is, I am a stones throw away. When I receive my High Output Charger I will most likely install it at the Office. Dion I would enjoy catching up with you since it seems we are close to each other.

For all new members to the Ohio forum, if your willing to share your charging please put your information into PlugShare. This will allow fellow Model S owners to travel easier until we have SuperChargers in Ohio. Mine is listed in Clayton, Ohio right off the Interstate 70 at the Englewood exit.

Jason @(Jayfrost)

I got on the Internet Machine and was very grateful that you started the Facebook site.
Now this gives me a reason to Facebook.
Keep up on the latest info and activities of the Ohio Tesla Owners Group.
Thanks Again,


My Model S is scheduled for completion this week. I'm told it will then take a week to get to Chicago, two days for checkout, and then it will finally be delivered to me in Dayton.

Are there any suggestions on the delivery process?

Also, we are looking at installing a charging station at my business right off I-75 and Edwin C. Moses Blvd near the University of Dayton Arena. They are installing a huge Love's Truck Stop across the road, but I don't suspect they will have a charging station there.

I'm considering installing my high power wall connector at work and sharing it with other Tesla owners coming off I-75. My home is a condo with only 100 amps total coming into the unit.

Also, I purchased the Loyd mats for my Model S as I read the ones that come with the car are not that great. They look great, but I won't know how well they fit until my car gets here.

Yeah, install it at work with the caveat that you may need to take it back if you ever move to somewhere juicier.

That would be awesome to have another HPWC available for public use. Mine is available in Englewood, OH. Congrats on the up coming delivery, it will change your view of driving forever.

Feel free to email me directly if you ever have any questions.



Great to have a charger on the I-75 corridor from Cincinnati to points north.  
An Owners charger network. Congrats on getting your car soon. 

Keep us all updated.


does anyone own tesla in Cincinnati?

I am seriously thinking about buying model S.How easy/difficult the whole process is? Is it easy to buy or lease it? I also read on internet that you do not have to pay sales tax.Is it true?

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