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Daily Charge

Our charge fluctuates , what does everyone else get for a daily charge and how long does it take ?

It would be useful to clarify the question better. Answer depends on your charge limit, your state of charge before charging, and your charging infrastructure. Listed range will depend on if you are using ideal or rated miles and battery size, or if your preference runs to metric.

Do you mean you total range fluctuates daily. Meaning, one day a full charge gets you 265 miles and the next day you get 260....?

Like redacted, I don't understand the question.

I think he meant flatulence

@Rheumboy +1

Our charge flatulates? That is a new one.

that's stamp collecting right?

I am using 110 so it takes me forever to charge, but I got my P85 up to a 303 mile charge.

I hope that is what you were asking?


303 ideal miles at 100% SOC, I assume. The lower the charge rate the better in the long run.

I noticed that get fewer ideal miles on a 100% trip charge when I charge at 80A instead of 40A.


@sterling, how many weeks did it take to get to a full charge?

I always charge at 80A (19kw), isn't this well below the "1C" rate of charge? The HPWC charges at .25C
How would this negatively affect my batteries ?

Although I respect your knowledge based on your many threads and comments, I have to disagree that 80A vs. 40A is better in the long run.

Ha Ha redacted,

I am moving next month and don't want to install the 240 in this house, so....., drip drip drip.

The car came with a full charge and I can get a 50 to 70 mile charge over night, and once and I while I take my ICE and then I have a full charge.

I cant wait to install a real charging system!

1C means the same kW as your battery's capacity. That would be 85 kW for an 85 kW battery. LiIon can theoretically take up to 6C without damage, AFAIK. 510 kW!

That's 6C discharge. Maximum charge rate for LiIon depends on chemistry but is probably around 1.5C for the Tesla battery.

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