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Dallas auto tinting recommendations

Anyone have experience with an auto tinting shop they trust enough to recommend in the Dallas area? Been a long time since I cared to window tint so I am out of the loop.

Speedshield did my model S tint and wrap. Great job. 469-522-7777. Ask for Trey Pappas.
Brian who detailed my car recommended him and the car looks amazing.

Thanks Mark. Mind me asking what brand/type of tint you went with and what they charged?

I got ceramic CTX 35 on sides and 15 on rear hatch. $495. I think they have a nonceramic film for $195, but less heat rejection.

Thanks Mark! Seems like a decent price. how much was the wrap and which panels did you have done?


Another try:
 photo F526A1BE-5AD1-4634-912A-10A3D3DBF4EA-145-00000003CE1A3681_zps7f609b7d.jpg

 photo 75764AE3-1B76-40D5-BDE3-72464A82A1AE-145-00000003CC437213_zpse4c11c83.jpg

Very sharp! thanks for posting the pics. Just spoke with Trey and going to set up an appointment for early next week. Did you consider the "transitional" film(the stuff that adapts to light levels) over the ceramic?

No, I can see great at night and hated my transitions eyeglasses I had years ago.

I had the whole car except the roof/rear hatch wrapped. I am getting jumpseats (some day) and my kids will be climbing on the rear bumper.

$1900 front end/front fenders/mirrors
$250/door x4
$200/rear quarter x2
$400 rear bumper

$3700 total

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