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damage to my new MS

Less than one month, and I have a rock chip and big crack in the windshield. FYI, Tesla told the insurance company that they would do the repair as opposed to selling the shop a windshield (great by me). Also, my employer lets me charge at work. To do so, I have to back in to the parking space. THE CURB TORE THE CHROME STRIP OFF OF THE REAR COWLING UNDER THE BUMPER. USE CAUTION! My poor, brand new MS.


Active air. I am very paranoid about curbs so regularly raise my car up high(probably too high) just to be safe. Sorry forthe damage. I heard a rock this AM and freaked out but fortunately it did not crack the windshield. I dread the first dent/damage. Glad to hear Tesal will do the repair! Let us know how they did.

I, too, have curbaphobia.

Sorry to hear about the damage. I recently noticed a small ding on the front passenger door. Looks like a typical parking lot ding. It's actually a relief to not have that anxiety of the first little damage anymore.

I pay special attention to the rear camera view and avoid getting the rear over the curb whenever I back into a parking space.

Door ding on my driver side rear door, and a fresh bumper tweak on the front driver side. looks like someone pulled too far up in a parking lot and hit my bumper, now the panels are off. I park forever away in all but the busiest parking lots and can't stay away from this. I'd let my kid walk off a broken toe, but damage the car...unaceptable.

"Tesal" is a new one. >:)

oh, boy, curbaphobia, dentaphobia, rangeanxietaphobia, windshieldcrackaphobia, on and on...we MS owners need to study Zen to quiet our minds.

Yesterday 21 days owning my S a stone broke the windshield... Oh well.
Last car I owned had 3 cracked windshields in first 2 years and got black marked in the parking lot within the first week, after that 12 years with no incident.

stay out of the automatic car washes. i have a few linear horizontal marks in the paint on the rear quarter panel from the rotary brushes. Just trying the get the salt off and really didn't have time to wash myself. lesson learned

I had a "moment" today where I had (unusually) backed into a parking space. When I left I (instinctivoy) put it in the wrong gear and since I had a clear shot out of the space I trounced the pedal. Promptly jumped the curb behind me at a good clip. In my 21"s no less. Fortunately there was nothing back there and it doesn't seem to have done a damn thing to the wheels or the car. Whew! 8-O

Of course, I meant instinctively not instinctivoy. Sure wish we could edit posts!

My fear of paint damage has lead me to paint armor almost my entire car.

I avoid going behind gravel trucks, dumpsters, etc. When parking it is important to park away from other cars, if possible; too people just do not care about somebody's property and they will hit with their doors, etc. When braking got to watch to make sure somebody is not tailgating.

No matter how much I tried I have had accidents in my life time. Just glad nobody got injured or worse. I comfort myself by saying nobody got hurt bad.

Geek EV;
So much for trusting your instincts. And habits.

runs - Had same incident with u-shaped, rear chrome trim, though its a small bend, not torn off. However Tesla has quoted $880 to replace. Ouch.

Second day I had my P85 the shorter turnin than my M5 caught me off guard and I clipped the rear passenger 21" on the curb. 2in rash and a chunk of tire:( It is heart breaking the first time you hurt her. I apologized and told her I owe her a wheel and tire.


Has anyone purchased the wheel/tire insurance? Driving in the outer boroughs of NYC I may just have too.


If you have 21" wheels, you should absolutely buy TM's tire/wheel protection plan, even not driving in the pothole filled roads of NYC. I have the 21" wheels and I will purchase the tire/wheel protection plan.

Way ahead of you guys I bought that policy minutes after it was available. Had been asking them for one for months. Lots of complaints around about Tesla's responsiveness but from my perspective they have been making all the right moves. Since it was less that half the cost of my BMW plan we'll see if it covers as well as that did. But one rim or two tires in 4 years and its paid for itself.

@vouteb I'm considering the laser interceptor as a parking sensor. Yea just a parking sensor.

Was there any announcement about the tire, warranty, and repair plans other than a blog post? If you're not on the forums or frequenting the web site, how are owners notified? I was asked by a friend thinking about buying the car but didn't have an answer for him.

To sign up a couple of days ago a button on your cars home page shows up. Press the button, pick the options you like and pay ( credit card or checking account draft )

Also we were supposed to get an e-mail, but as before I expect the e-mail to come a week or so after the button.

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