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Dash and surveillance camera for the Tesla

Tesla needs to have a dash cam option , preferably one that also serves as a surveillance camera to detect parking lot damage or vandalism. It is not unknown even in the US for people to fake or deliberately cause accidents with what they perceive to be expensive cars. Whose owners presumably will have assets or good insurance to pay off bogus injury claims. Not to mention the desirability of documenting the legitimate accidents when the other driver is at fault.

Because the Tesla does not have a "hot" cigar lighter (AKA power outlet)it is difficult to install one for parked surveillance,. And for one used while driving there's that ugly power cord.

I'm sure some would buy it if offered as an option, both before and after vehicle purchase. It should cost Tesla very little to make some sort of semi integrated design so it could be quite profitable. I've seen directions on the forums about how to install such systems but it's more than I want to undertake myself.

I'd send this suggestion to Tesla too, but I can't find any digital "suggestion box"

I doubt it will happen, but one never knows! (I do like dash cams). Here's all you need to know about suggesting ideas:

Was just about to post the link Chuck posted.

The Blackvue is a generally highly rated unit and as you can see there, it can be installed nearly OEM quality appearance.

No auto manufacturer offers dash cams or similar video security devices as an OEM option. Too much potential liability, coupled with niche demand. You can get a pretty slick aftermarket installation that looks OEM if done by an expert installer.

Doesn't the new Corvette have a built-in dash cam?


for lots of info.

you can find here DCI security camera, very easy to install and use:

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