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Doing a factory tour/pickup

Here I am blogging real time at Tesla. I'm waiting for one other person to do the factory tour. Will post a pic when I can get twitter pics figured out. The registration lobby desk area feels appropriately startupish. Looks nice but the two nice folks behind their laptops working with clunky registration software is endearing to a startup software guy like me :-)

Let us know if you see red.

Let's see if HTML works:

Apparently not with twitter pics.

One more time, with context menu location grab:

Interesting they chose not to have an actual desk. How hard can that me? Maybe the desk is broke and out for service...

Money is in the vehicle and production equipment...25% GM!!

Looks nicer than when I was there earlier this month...don't think the red table cloth was there at the time

Hey Brian how did you inline the I image? Here I am parked at gilroy sc.

No one else here. Didn't need to stop since they max range charged me at factory but. It is noon and in and out is looking good.

What is your final destination?

San Diego

My favorite part is the taped on label on the registration computer saying "This is not a touchscreen, use the trackball." Of course I only noticed this after attempting to control the login by touching the screen.

So I'm driving between Gilmore supercharger and Harris Ranch the charger got my first guy coming up beside me on the road while driving She gave me a thumbs up so that's pretty cool. Sorry for the spelling errors I'm dictating to my iPhone

I highly recommend going to the factory tour it was interesting going turn a weekday because the there is a Lott more activity going on during the weekdays. During the weekend and there's less people on the tour on the weekday. There was only three people this morning at 9 o'clock on the factory tour whereas our weekend sometime you can get 40 people on tour

At Harris ranch. The sign that greets you.

So I got to talk to another excited person here at Harris ranch. Geez it makes you feel like a rock star

Just leaving Taejon ranch. The amazing thing about all this is that I've been rushing through the SC stations. I haven't be staying long at all and I've been driving fast. Very nice.

Great shots shop!

Thanks. I just got to the space x facility, the Hawthorne SC. Here's the pic.

While the tesla office is closed they provide map on their door showing everyone where the 24 hour porta potty is. Classic!

funny. Thanks for the pictures. We have a sister in SD... so we plan to make the trip from Bay Area to SD twice a year. Tomorrow I'll pick up my beauty at the factory.

Open to twitter pic, then right-click. Select "Copy image location" to get the direct URL. Insert (preserving quote marks) in this HTML:

<img src="URL" width="600"> The width specifies the full width of this column.

Just got back home in north county San Diego, around 9:00pm, after leaving the factory around 11:20. I was kind of dreading the long drive, but I've got to say that was the best long drive I've ever had by a long shot.

I'm going to post my thoughts about driving today in another thread.

Here are the last two pics inline (thanks Brian, it was hard for me to do this while on my iphone!). I can't believe they painted instructions to a porta potty on the front door of the Tesla building. Too funny!

Unload while your car loads up! Makes perfect sense.

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