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E60 M5 Owner Converts

Since I am no longer an M5 owner and am now the proud owner of an MS, I thought it about time to change my handle to reflect accordingly.

Congrats. Happy "motoring"

XM5 would have been terser.

How do like the ms compared to the M5?
I have driven several 535i and like my ms more.


One question - do we call you @2013? :0) Or do you prefer the full @2013 Tesla Model S Owner

I switched from an M5 (and Z4) to the P85. The only place I miss the M5 is 110+ where the M5 just pulls. But that wasn't often enough to be a big enough deal.

@nick whatever you like

@Gary Same here, but like you I didn't go above 110 very often

Congrats @MS Owner!

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