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Edmunds claims true range is 120 miles...

That would be 37 degrees F.
I drive the 85kWh battery pack..
Tried to improve my driving habits a bit on my last trip. Here is how I did. 25% better!
Model S Energy Display

37 Celsius ? where do you live ?

Freezing here in EU .

37c , it's not Florida, we haven't hit that high yet.

Nickniketown! You are back. I miss you. You were cut off everywhere. I think that the clown like you should be present just for fun. Nobody pays attention what you are saying, but having fun at the same time is a nice feeling.

Anyone have any thoughts on the amount of discharge experienced by stuberman and July10Models? Is this normal while unplugged in cold temps of say 35F? While it's not an issue for most of the year for the majority of U.S. MS current and potential owners, maybe it should be clarified on the Go Electric page the same way range is.

Edmunds is just trying to Broder the car...

Or is trying to let Broder know he's welcome to work there, but that they can out-broder him....

It took me awhile to figure it out. I think what he means to say is that if you cannot charge the Model S at your destination, then your range is the total distance that you can travel in a round trip. So that is why he said the range is limited to 120 miles.

I agree and the experience of 2 people on this thread seem to give his report some credence. Would like to see this issue quantified.

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