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European test drives to start by the end of this month

I just got an email telling me that a Model S will be available at the Eindhoven (Netherlands) store as from 21st19th March. Test drives will be available the week after (per-booked). This is great news! Especially for those that did not have the chance to drive it yet (like me). Hopefully these test drives can be a bit longer than on the Get Amped tour.

Do they send different dates? My email stated 19th march.

Thanks Martijn, The 19th indeed!

Same in Copenhagen (Denmark). Prebooked test drives possible from March 25-27

I was told 30 minutes behind the wheel

Henrik: driving or just sitting :-)

30 minutes gives you the chance of experiencing different roads, some real world experience. Would love to have it for a weekend though, like they do now with some ICE cars.

30 minutes would be about twice as long as the average US test drive. But it only takes the first clear straightaway to fall for it.

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