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Where will you put your EZ-Pass/Fastrac transponder? It would be great if it could be installed inside the nose cone to avoid the need for Velcro.

NY lets you use a license plate mounted EZ-Pass, though most people don't know about this.

I keep mine in my glovebox. It's never been a problem.

MD has a license plate mounted transponder too. Just another little bit to protect the nose of your S from folks who parallel park using the Helen Keller method.

On my current cars, I have it attached to the windshield with Velcro. I positioned them so that I can't see them at all -- they're totally hidden by the mirror. Hopefully this will be possible on the Model S -- neither of my current cars has the rain-sensing wipers, which have a sensor near this location.

Put it in the frunk.

Glued to the inside wall of a tire?

If I were to put it in the frunk, I'd like to test it out a few times before actually using it. Imagine what those behind you on line at the toll will be thinking watching you pop the frunk to get through!

Schlermie: What kind of car allows the signal to get into the glove box? My guess would be all that aluminum on the Model S wouldn't allow a signal in that far.

for the CA fast pass they photo your plates as you pass so if the fast pass fails they can still charge you. I have two cars on the same fast pass and often forget to transfer the device. No worries, they photo me and I get charged anyways. No extra charge. Works so well that I now keep the device in my wifes car permanently.

I wanted to revive this post now that there have been some deliveries. For those of you (i) with an EZ pass or similar device and (ii) without a front license plate bracket, what are you doing? My understanding is that the finish on the windscreen makes it hard to simply hold the device up. Has anyone been game enough to check for room inside the nosecone?

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