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Has the 40 kwh version entered production yet? When might we expect the first roll-out?

Hoping for a May delivery - Reservation no. 17,166

Thanks - I did read that release from George B the day it was posted.
Just wondering if there's scuttlebutt re: any specific updates- even the battery production.
My pessimistic side expects delays.

My current lease is going to be up at the end of April, I sure hope my 40KwH will be delivered before May... otherwise its going to cost me.

I'm RN80xx, waiting patiently since October 2009.

May until they decide to delay it to ship Sigs to Europe first.

No EPA rating for the 40 yet!

@murray, they have specifically said they will divert production to Europe in June (presumably clearing the 40kwh backlog here, first, I would assume, but who knows!).

Kind of a bummer that NNT gets more action then the poor 40's!

I'm treating my 40 kWh reservation like smoking a brisket… it will be ready when it's ready.

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