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How long should a normal set of factory-issued 19" tires last?

Yes, I know how you drive can drastically affect tire life, and I hear some folks have had unexpected surprises, but I'm curious how long a normal set of these tires is expected to last assuming I drive normally? I find it odd that people are saying 10-15K miles in some cases; my dad just bought a Ford Focus ST, and he expects his tires to get 15-20K, and they're rated 240. What's the rating on the factory issue tires, and how many miles does that translate to? I see lots of 480 and even 500-540 tires online for $160-200/tire, which is barely more expensive than the mid-range tires (540) I currently have on my Honda Civic, and those go for 60K miles.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe a lot of the low mileage accounts you read around here (15,000 or less between tire changes) apply to the 21" wheels.

You can go to the Tire Rack website. There you can find specs of all tires on the market. I believe the 19" Goodyear tire has a thread life rating of around 400. 21" Conti has a rating of around 300 and Michelin PSII on P+, the same tire I have on my Porsche, has a rating of 220. I got 15000 mile rear and 20000 mile front with a pretty spirited drive but it's a very different car of course.

Coming up to my 12,000 mile service, my 19" tires look just fine. More wear on the rear than the front but wear across the tread seems to be uniform. I expect rotation will give me at least another 12,000 miles and based on current wear rate probably more.

When I went for a test drive, the Tesla rep told me to expect 20k-30k on the 19" tires.

These cars are really heavy like Saabs. This means the tires are going to wear a little bit faster than a typical weight sedan.

I would expect about 20-27k in a state with all weather conditions.

Back in the day....I typically was able to get away with 2 tire replacements every 12 months on my 9-3(if i didn't rotate). I found this was much more efficient than rotating after a few years for myself monitarily. After 10 years I purchased 2 extra tires becuase of not rotating, but I didn't mind.

Having said that, if I stayed rotating them as I did the first 4 years, I would get an extra 6k out of the whole set, but would have to purchase and replace all four at once. Which didn't work for my finances at the time.

If you go all sporty and buy Z rated performance tires or something expect a year for the set.

@machmike....weight wise they r kind of like the Mercedes and BMW coupes/Sedans...........

@yodasminion: I share this concern/question for the 19" tires. I was initially shocked at the low low low tread life reports before realizing it seemed mostly restricted to the 21's and also possible alignment problems on the earlier VINs. But, from what searching I did on volkerize, it still seems like numbers are all over the board. I understand that OEM tires (here, the Goodyears) typically don't last that long, but I would expect 30K-40K on a 3,500lbs. car all variables removed. Given that the MS is 4,700lbs. (not counting occupants/luggage), I'm not sure how much wear / tread life reduction that extra weight on each tire imposes. If I could get 25K on the tires and they're pretty cheap (i.e. tirerack prices quoted elsewhere in these forums), then I'm OK with it. But, sub-20K miles on the 19" tires would be an annoying headache. Based on what I'm reading, there's no way I'd go for the 21" at this point, but that's just me. If anyone can offer additional or updated input / data / wear / treadlife info on the Goodyears on the 19" rims, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

Have no doubt we will reach 25k on these tires based on what we see at 7k. Rotated by Tesla at about 6000. Will continue same schedule. Now all tires look to be wearing the same.

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