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How many miles on the car when delivered

How many miles on a new Tesla when delivered at the showroom (not factory).

It varies. About 20 to 80. Factory testing, mostly.

FYI mine was 52 miles.

FYI mine was 17km.

Mine had 132 miles on the odometer when delivered. It's an early Sig, VIN 00118, assembled back in the day, when they were a lot more thorough in testing and Elon personally inspected every car.

Mine had 27 km.

Mine had 16 miles on delivery

12 miles on delivery in Seattle

I beat everybody - 8 miles

Mine had 7 miles in Colorado - picked up at the Service Center nd flawless.

I had 23 miles when delivered in early February. The number has definitely been trending down over time.

24 miles, delivered in late April.

December, 24 miles

10 miles, picked up at the factory.

16. Service center delivery. April.

15 mi on mine in early March.

13 miles yesterday

Mine had 35 - got it last week.

10 miles, picked up from Costa Mesa late March.

Seems about normal. The one car I bought new had about 50 on it too.

15 km taked at service center

Went to check out an inventory car I put on hold today, and it turned out that they had it out "temporarily" as a service vehicle just earlier today.

Not sure what I would think about it. If the car comeback and had 100+ miles on it, I would know for sure that those are not "factory test" miles.

However, you can always argue that for those miles, you do get a $1 per mile discount on the car. We also walked through all the inventory cars today and it seems that there's a 60kWh one in Portland that has ~8000miles on it. For whoever is in that area you might want to check that one out since you'll have a nice $8k discount on it as long as you are okay with buying a semi-CPO car from Tesla :)

Likely means someone already upgraded to an 85 loaner! Or it could be that was a 60 field tester. I don't know if the 60's have been out long enough for someone to put 8K on one!

So you're opting to buy one "off the lot" mkidding? I don't know that anyone's reported on that process yet. Will you tell us how it goes?

50 miles at the Fremont factory pickup on Mar 17.


Well I'm sort of the annoying kind that I will call in every week to see if they "by chance" have a car that's within the configs of what I want.

I did put in my order already so worse case scenario, after 2 months and 8-9 cold calls, I'll have the custom ordered on with me :) It's just that it would be nice to not have to wait for that long, given that for a couple of options on the car, I'm indifferent between several configurations.

@mkidding - Where can we find the list of available used cars? I'd love to see what's available:D


I live really close to the Menlo Park location so I normally just drop by on my way to Safeway. I think you can call in to the representative you are familiar with and have him/her check for you

47 miles on pickup at Torrance, CA service center on May 4.

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