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How many Tesla S 40kWh are reserved?

Please leave feedback including reservation date.

Your right! Ask your friend for Elon's phone number and share it with us so we can all ask.

Good lord david... Isnt this like the 3rd or 4th thread you posted that same exact paragraph in?

Don't let the door ...

@davidslagle To remain friends I can't do that but I did some serious car shopping since the last delay being made public. There are a lot of cool cars for $60k on the market and they all available now.

For my health I think I have to stop reading the forum, it is like a bad habit.

40kwh std white/black/piano/19”/tech/air
reserved 2/22, signed pre-MVPA 2/22
RN#328420. Est delivery May/Jun.

Where is everyone getting their "P#" from?

@rebeccap88, P# can be seen in My GARAGE, just next to your Reservation # "originally". I say "originally" is because my P# was removed since yesterday. I don't know why. I always can see it but it's gone now.

My P# disappeared too from My Garage.

It is etched in my brain though, I'm p3056

-George V

Will Tesla X reservation holders start canceling their reservations now that I read (kink below)those vehicles have been pushed back a year?
From experience I can promise that is the just the first of several broken promises.
My cancellation for a Tesla 40kWh Model S has been completed.

@davidslagle | MARCH 24, 2013 : Will Tesla X reservation holders start canceling their reservations now[...]

I haven't canceled mine. The delay just helps in reducing the anticipation anxiety.

Alex K - right you are. And if X reservation holders follow the boards, they'll 'enjoy' the wait as all the S owners have, knowing what's in store when they take delivery. Injustice or not, the ride is fantastic when it comes...

Why does DavidSlagle keep posting if he cancelled?

You have made your decision now stop crying like a baby and move on.

I could not stand the wait either (I’m a bigger baby) so P85 with active air for me. The car is great.

was just ready to get a 40 kWh

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