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For I have dined on honeydew and drunk the milk of Paradise - Lycanthrope's P85 thread

Update 4th June:

- First visit to a Supercharger
- ICE'd in NL

Update 12th May:

- New TSportline rims, opportunistic purchase to use as winter wheels
- 310km motorway trip without charging

Update 11th May:

- out and about with (free) public chargers
- recruiting the next generation of Tesla owners
- posing in Tesla showroom
- service centre experience on getting batch of faults resolved and P85+ loaner


March 28th:

Today I became an owner and joined the growing legions of the supremely lucky that have the pleasure ad privilege to drive a Tesla Model S.

This isn't a car, it's a religious experience (and I'm an atheist...)

Here're a few photos...

You know when you're close to Tesla Service Centre as the test cars are parked on the street:


Beautiful, eh? The car's not bad either:

First stop, Ikea:

Showed-up on iPhone app within the hour:


First test of the charging infrastructure and it works! (no neutral here in Belgium, so we have to buy an expensive box to fool the car):


Not the fastest, but my average daily miles are low, so this is just fine for me:


Welcome...finally. ;-)
Grin. :-)

That's great. You beat me by one day to the paradise.

Very nice, sharp looking car, congratulations.

Congratulations! Enjoy it immensely!

Good for you, congrats! (from a fellow atheist)

Great car, but must you shop at Ikea? (just kidding, we are right now redoing our 3 bathrooms with Ikea help, and most everything in our house is also Ikea, albeit, a lot of it IS falling apart after 10 years!)

Very, very nice!

Congratulations! It's dinner time here, and your joy is palpable. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Xanadu! Don't forget to listen to Villa La Strangiato and YYZ!

And, of course 2112... Congratulations!

Darn it. Now I have an ear worm.

Sounds like you're having a howling good time. Congrats!!!

Welcome to the family! She is a real beauty :)

That song played in my MS today when I was listening to the Rush channel on Slacker!

Hope you are not the "Mad Immortal Man"....


Hungry has proved to be a good sauce. Now: beware of the indigestion for Tesla bites as a virus.

And regarding your religious experience: if you have to see the Light, I 'm happy for you it's the Electric Light you' ve seen.
Now you can start singing in the choir of their Orchestra about your car as an Evil Woman. ;-)

Congratulations! Welcome to the club.

You will be looking for any reason to drive now. After a year my wife knows I am still always happy to run an errand when needed. Any drive is in a Tesla is one of life's pleasures.

Love practice in traffic. No brakes. Gilde . . . Enjoy.


Are you Billy Joe's brother? I thought werewolves were allergic to silver bullets...

Cheers, Dave! Welcome to the club. Finally! :-)

ps: Don't say "no neutral here in Belgium", because it simply depends on your location. I have a neutral and I also live in Belgium.

You're one of the "chosen", Chris :-)

Really, this car is amazing. Obviously I'm still in the discovery phase and it just gets better every time I step into it.

Apparently, my car didn't actually arrive from Tilburg until 14:30 yesterday afternoon and my collection was at 16:00 - so they didn't have a lot of time to make it as shiny as it could be. However I don't care as it's going for Opti Coat Pro on Wednesday.

They also didn't have time to install 5.9, but they set it ready to download: I did that after my first charge and it was sitting there waiting for me this morning. The hill-assist is just great. I also turned creep off now and the car is much nicer with the one-foot driving.

Voice recognition works incredibly well, shame Apple's Siri isn't this good. The hands-free is superb and the Rdio amazingly excellent -> my daughter was amazed when I told the car "play One Direction" and voilà, there it was. Not my taste I hasten to add!

So, so good...

Beautifying the streets of Brussels:


Congratulations!!! Enjoy the ride. Your life has changed this point onward. Welcome to the cult.. Sorry club !!!!

Kids like it very, very much. They keep saying they have "the coolest car in the world":


Can you believe it, Ikea once more, however this time I got the free charging working - grabbed 120kms for free while we bought more crap:


Watching from the Ikea rest while people admire:


And back home, with 456kms in the tank still:


Congrats and love the photo of the person taking a photo of your car.

Werewolf-like rock star status! :-)

Had ours for a year and a half and we still adore it, but alas, the mystique is gone now that there are so many S's around northern California…current joke is a Tesla is the Menlo Park Prius….that's the home of the VC community and Silicon Valley bedroom community!


Nice sunny weather in Belgium, too! Double congrats!

Your beautiful children are correct. The Tesla is the coolest car in the world and may I add the most advanced.
Hope you and yours have many years of enjoyment !

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