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iPhone Media Bluetooth Connection

I love the bluetooth integration of my iPhone to my Model S. I listen to music from the phone more than Slacker or any of the many possible sources available.

I set up a driver profile for my wife as well but when her iPhone connects, the media button is greyed out and there doesn't seem to be a way to play her music thru the car's speakers. Her contacts come thru just fine, just not her music.

Anyone have an Idea of what I could be missing?

Probably not the right answer, but worth a shot. A few weeks after getting the car and everything working fine, one day the car wasn't displaying the phone in the media browser. I went through the setup process a couple times. Had contacts, but my phone's media wasn't showing up where it should. Turns out I accidentally erased the name of my phone, in the phone itself which caused me all kinds of confusion and connection problems for a little while. Got it sorted out, but it took a few tries because I was looking at the car for the problem, but the problem was in the phone. Make sure the phone has it's name, bluetooth is on, etc. Good luck.

Thanks Lush1. I suspect the problem is with the phone as well, but the phone name appears to be reporting to the car correctly. Unless there are better ideas from the forum here, I will try a couple of connects/disconnects to see if it finnlly works.

I'd recommend restarting the main screen by holding down both steering wheel buttons for 10 seconds. Fixed connectivity issues for me in the past.

Double check the phones software for updates. I went through a span of time where my Mustang couldn't play music through its Bluetooth anymore, until a new release of iOS fixed that. Might be the same thing at work here.

I am having this issue as well with my iPhone5. I have done 0 troubleshooting on it yet though.

I had exact issue. I called owner support:

1. Reset using thumb wheels as described above. (for me this didn't work)

2. I turned off blue tooth on my phone turned it back on. After rediscovery, then all worked fine. Happened last week, and has not reoccurred...yet.

I can't say if I had reset blue tooth on my phone first, if that would have fixed it. Not sure.

Good luck.

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