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John Broder testing..

The latest in John Broders "John Broder testing..." series.

This time; serving tray

Picture not working properly?
copy-n-paste then.. or perhaps someone can help me out?

<img src="URL" width="600">

Quite accurate given his level of competancy displayed thus far.

Clearly that mishap was the fault of the tray.

Superliner +1

i thnk the chair is at fault. it was too low

Just keep him away from a wood chipper.

Or not.

lol Brian

also this thread is perfect

Oh geez I feel a lawsuits coming against the tray company.

Where were the tray instructions? Obviously he was not told to keep it level.

That last lift of the tray, on his left, looked kinda deliberate to me. A staged accident!

Did you guys notice that he didn't wet his pants. He is a brodering artist, absolutely staged.

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